Why Do I Get Sick So Much? 5 Reasons That Explain Why You Keep Getting Sick

Have you been a victim of several viruses and infections as of late? If so, get a proper medical checkup to determine if you have any underlying medical condition. Also, eat healthy because you are what you eat. If you already eat healthy and don’t have any underlying health problems either, perhaps one of the following 5 reasons can explain why you keep getting sick:

1 – You Don’t Get Enough Water

Your body and blood depend on water. Water doesn’t only hydrate you but also acts as the carrier of nutrients and minerals. Sweating, urination, etc. make you lose a lot of it. This can cause dehydration which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, headache, low blood pressure and more.

Dehydration can also be dangerous which is why it is necessary to combat it urgently. Don’t only drink more water, juices, and smoothies but also eat your water by adding more fruits and veggies to your diet.

2 – You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

When you avoid sleep because you have a project to complete or for some other reason, you’re harming your health. Sleep deprivation can lead to fatigue and lack of concentration. When you lose several precious hours of sleep, your body is not able to produce enough cytokines.

Cytokines are needed for boosting immunity and fighting inflammation. Lack of sleep doesn’t only lower your resistance against diseases, but it can also up your risks of developing heart problems, obesity, and diabetes.

3 – You’re Stressing Too Much

Another cause behind why you get sick often can be too much stress. While stress is part and parcel of everyone’s life, chronic stress can be harmful. It lowers your immunity and increases the chances of you catching infections and diseases.

This also slows down the body’s natural healing process. You can make stress get a little less intimidating by practicing yoga, going on a social media detox, exercising, listening to music or making art. If nothing helps, consult a professional.

4 – Your Gut Health Is Poor

Your gut is connected to your brain via a bidirectional link. It is also connected to your immune system as it houses about 70% of your immune cells. So, when there is a negative disruption in the balance of your gut microbiome, your mental health and immunity are both adversely impacted.

This can make you feel more stressed, anxious, etc. At the same time, your immune system is also weakened which lets diseases and ailments get in.

5 – You Don’t Focus On Hygiene

When you don’t wash your hands properly or take care of your oral hygiene, you are more prone to getting sick. Poor hygiene allows bacteria to grow and strive which can cause health problems. Hence, make cleanliness a priority.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds to get rid of bacteria. Make use of hand sanitizers as well. Make sure your oral health is good by brushing, flossing and going for dental checkups regularly. You can also use home remedies for improving oral health.