What Is Aphasia? Types, Symptoms, And Causes

Aphasia is a disorder that affects communication skills. It impairs one’s ability to speak, write, and comprehend language. Not only are verbal communication skills impaired but written skills are impaired as well. Common causes of aphasia include stroke and head injuries. This communication disorder typically comes on all of a sudden.

However, if the cause behind aphasia is a degenerative disease or a brain tumor that is gradually growing, then it develops slowly. The severity of the condition depends on how much brain damage has occurred. The primary treatment for this disorder is speech and language therapy. Support from family and friends also plays a crucial role.

Types Of Aphasia

There are three different types of this communication disorder. These vary based on the extent of damage on the brain. Your doctor will diagnose which one you are struggling with:

1 – Nonfluent aphasia

Nonfluent aphasia is also known as Broca aphasia. This sort is characterized by the inability to speak . Individuals affected by this condition are able to understand spoken language. They speak in short sentences which are somewhat understandable. People who have this condition know what they are going through. This is why their inability to communicate frustrates them.

2 – Fluent aphasia

This type of aphasia is also known as Wernicke aphasia. This condition makes people talk in long and complicated sentences that do not make any sense. People with the fluent type of this disorder are also not able to understand what others are speaking to them. Furthermore, they are unaware that others cannot understand their spoken word.

3 – Global aphasia

Global aphasia occurs due to extensive damage to the brain. It is characterized by challenges in both receptive and expressive communication. People with this kind of aphasia have difficulty speaking, understanding, reading and writing language. The condition is called global because it impairs overall language-related abilities. This condition may rapidly improve and become a severe type of Broca aphasia.

Symptoms Of This Disorder

Aphasia is an indicator of an underlying condition such as a stroke. Here are some symptoms that hint that you have or are developing aphasia:

  • The inability to speak in complete sentences
  • Speaking sentences that do not make sense
  • Speaking unrecognizable words
  • The inability to understand others’ words
  • Writing sentences that do not make sense

If you you find yourself having difficulty in speaking, reading, writing, understanding or recalling words then seek immediate medical care.

Causes Of Aphasia

The most common cause of this disorder is stroke. Other causes include a progressive disease, infection, tumor or head injury. Sometimes temporary episodes of this disorder can occur when people have migraines, seizures, or mini strokes. A mini stroke, also known as a transient ischemic attack, is a warning sign that a major stroke is likely to occur in the future. Aphasia can lead to depression as it disturbs both your personal and professional life.