Want to keep your body young? Exercise is the answer

No one wants to experience pains in the muscles, shortness of breath, and heart-related health concerns. However, with age all three may attack at once. Want a miracle potion that can save the day and ensure that you stay physically fit even in your 70’s? Go for exercise.

A new research concludes that regular exercising can help keep one’s muscles, heart, and lungs as strong in his 70’s as they are in his 40’s. Exercise is also accompanied by several other health benefits.

The Benefits Of Exercising

Physical activity comes with a whole lot of benefits for one’s health. Be it in the form of swimming, running, jogging, walking, cardio, etc. Despite being called physical activity, the advantages provided by exercising are also mental.

First off, exercise can boost one’s mood and encourage happiness. This is because it can increase the release of endorphins. Exercise can also decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. It also promotes weight loss as it revs up metabolic activity, burns calories, and maintains lean muscle mass. Working out regularly reduces the risks of developing heart diseases as well.

It does not only support muscle building, but it also strengthens bones. Despite being exhausting, working out can reduce fatigue and up energy markers. It makes one more flexible as well. It enables healthy aging by protecting the skin and delaying the signs of aging.

Physical workouts also promote better blood circulation and improve brain health. What’s more, exercise also improves one’s memory. It can help one sleep better too and relax one as well. It also increases pain tolerance. Previous studies show that exercises can make one more confident and improve work performance as well.

New Research Stresses Further On The Link Between Healthy Aging And Exercise

A new research shows that those who have regularly exercised for decades have lungs, heart, and muscles as strong in their 70’s as of those who are in their 40’s. The research was carried out on individuals, both men and women, who were above 70 and had been exercising for years.

Therefore, dedicating 30 to 45 minutes every single day to working out can be very beneficial for health. It encourages healthy aging along with offering several other benefits. However, one does not need to engage in strenuous exercises for serving the purpose. Even the impact of just walking on a daily basis for 30 to 45 minutes is very advantageous.


It is common knowledge that working out regularly is supremely beneficial for health. Studies have previously shown that exercise enables healthy aging and it also builds muscles and prevents heart-related health problems. This recent study reveals that the muscles, heart, and lungs of those who are in their 70’s and have been exercising for decades are as strong as of the folks who are in their 40’s. This stands true for both men and women.