US based company Banner Health to build a new hospital worth 155 million dollars

There are a lot of protests going on by the people residing in the nearby area to stop the Phoenix-based company Banner Health to build a hospital. Banner Health has received an approval from the Chandler City Council to build a hospital in a 245,000 square foot area which estimated price is of $155 million.

There are a lot of residents who are opposing to this project of building a new hospital because according to them, there is absolutely no need of another hospital in the area because of the presence of the Dignity Health’s Regional Medical Center, which is less than 2 miles away. People are also making an argument that building a new hospital will surely increase a lot of traffic in the surrounding areas.

A lot of residents have been against this project, but the council has unanimously agreed on the project. Building a hospital in such a prime location will help more people to have access to better health care and also help to bring a lot more jobs in the city.

According to the approval of the council, the development agreement prohibits Banner Health to open up a health abuse facility on their site. The constructions at the site of the hospital are scheduled to begin this month. It is expected that if everything goes according to plan, the hospital will be successfully built by the year 2020.