Too Hot Tea Tied To Increased Esophageal Cancer Risk As Per Research

Tea comes packed with many benefits for health. It contains antioxidants which fight free radical damage. It can reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications as well as encourage weight loss. It can also boost immunity and protect against several diseases and ailments. Some research even suggests that tea can reduce cancer risk.

There are several varieties of tea from green, black, and white tea to oolong, matcha, and other kinds of teas. The beverage is so popular around the globe that it is second to only water. The healthy drink, however, shouldn’t be served hotter than 149 degrees Fahrenheit even though some restaurants have been accused of doing so.

What’s more, a big portion of the globe spanning Asia, Africa, and South America has tea served way hotter than this limit. Now a new research points out that drinking tea that is too hot can up the risk of esophageal cancer by as much as 90%.

What Does This Study Reveal?

This new study has been published in the International Journal of Cancer. For the purpose of this research, scientists tracked the tea-drinking habits of 50,000 people in Golestan, Northeastern Iran over a period of 10 years.

It was found that in this time, 317 cases of esophageal cancer had developed. Findings revealed that people who drank above 700 ml of tea every day at a temperature over 60 degrees Celsius were at a 90% higher risk of developing esophageal cancer.

Researchers still need to figure out the exact cause behind how hot tea can cause esophageal cancer. As per the lead researcher of this study, it could be that hot tea makes it easier for carcinogens to penetrate esophageal lining. Another explanation is that very hot tea can cause chronic thermal injury which can cause inflammation that can, in turn, can trigger cancer.

Previously, the World Health Organization had said that drinking any beverage, tea, coffee or another, at a temperature higher than 149 degrees can “probably cause cancer.” This new study can be considered more solid than previous ones because it has been done on a large-scale and is not based on self-reported tea-drinking habits.

The few studies which have been conducted on this matter in the past have had many limitations. Therefore, it essential to let tea cool down a bit if it is extremely hot before sipping as too high a temperature of a beverage is considered dangerous.

Key Takeaway

A new study reveals that drinking too hot tea, as in that which has a temperature of more than 149 degree Celsius can cause esophageal cancer. Drinking extremely hot tea has been linked to a 90% higher risk of cancer.

A few previous studies have also hinted at the link between esophageal cancer and hot tea consumption. From this study, it can be concluded that one must let his tea cool down a bit before drinking it.