The Story About 250 Scientists Signing A Petition Against AirPods is NOT True

A story went viral a few days back, claiming that AirPods could cause cancer and that 250 scientists had signed a petition against the Apple devices because of their carcinogenic effects. Is this report true, though? Or is it just a rumor that has spread like a wildfire?

If you do some research, you’ll know that this news is not true, though it is not exactly false either. The 200 plus scientists that news channels are talking about have been referenced from a 2015 study when AirPods didn’t even exist.

These scientists had warned against the detrimental effects of radiations from electric and wireless devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, and the like. They had not called out any company in particular.

How Did The Story Against AirPods Being Cancer-Causing Spread?

Earlier in March, a Medium post discussed the safety of AirPods in which the 2015 study was discussed as well. This blog didn’t claim that a petition was signed solely pointing out how unsafe the Bluetooth devices were. However, that’s how Daily Mail took it.

The British tabloid published a report on how AirPods “in particular” are a cause of concern because of the radiations they emit. Other news sites caught on, perhaps because AirPods are widely famous among young Americans, and the misconstrued story become a part of several headlines.

Can AirPods Cause Cancer?

AirPods are hot these days because these wireless headphones make listening to music so much convenient. The technology has definitely made a lot of business for Apple but is worth buying? Are we damaging our health by using them?

The earlier research from 2015 didn’t call out AirPods but several electric devices that emitted an extremely low frequency of electromagnetic field. This includes even your cellphone. As technology like phones has become such an essential part of our daily lives, keeping away from it can be challenging.

AirPods also fall under the category of EMF-emitting devices which is what brought them into the fold of the story this year. However, it must be noted that scientists who were involved in the previous 2015 study which was supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN) didn’t exactly label these devices as cancer-causing.

They expressed their concern on these devices being unsafe for health because of their detrimental impacts. That said, some research does show that cellphones can lead to cancer in rats. Now we don’t know for sure yet whether or not Bluetooth radiations are harmful for health even though some scientists do think these radiations could be a threat.

In case they can pose serious problems for health, no one would want devices such as AirPods to be plugged inside their ears and right next to their head. Several people have AirPods inserted in their ears for hours on end. Looking at the eyebrows raised, it is necessary to precautionarily limit one’s use of AirPods.

 Summing Up

To wrap up, the story regarding AirPods in particular being a cause of concern because of their carcinogenic properties is not true. It has become viral because Daily Mail shared it and other news outlets just followed.