Sugary Drinks Associated To Cardiovascular Problems, Study Finds

Sugary drinks are dangerous for health – this bit is known to everyone. This is because sugar-filled beverages can harm teeth and raise one’s blood sugar markers among other concerns. Not only soft drinks and energy drinks but even packaged juices can be harmful for health because of their high sugar content.

Now a new research reveals another vice of sugary drinks – they can cause death by cardiovascular disease. Sugary drinks are a factor which needs to be controlled if one fears heart problems. Sure, smoking is the top worst factor which increases the risk of death by cardiovascular complications, but this doesn’t mean that other factors should be ignored.

According to this new study, artificially sweetened beverages can serve as an alternate but even those should be consumed in moderate amounts.

What Does This Study Reveal?

This new study which has been published in the Circulation journal shows the link that beverages sweetened with sugar share with heart-related problems. For the purpose of the research, scientists analyzed the data of 37,716 men from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study and also the data of 80,647 women from the Nurses’ Health Study.

After all other factors such as BMI and physical activity were controlled, it was found that sugary beverages were linked to higher risks of death by cardiovascular disease and even cancer. It was also found that choosing to consume artificially sweetened drinks as an alternate for sugar laden ones could reduce death risk. However, drinking more than four per day for women carried a higher risk of death.

How To Reduce The Consumption Of Sugary Drinks?

Unfortunately, deaths because of cardiovascular disease are not uncommon in the United States. Top that up with the country’s love for sugar-packed drinks and the risk of dying goes higher. Is there any way one can ditch his habit of indulging in soda and other sugary drinks? This can be challenging for those who have a habit of drinking sugar sweetened beverages.

While replacing sugary drinks with those that have artificial sweeteners is not a bad idea, too many of those such as more than four per day can be health-harming. In this regard, it is best to drink water as not only does water keep one hydrated, but it also comes with a huge number of health benefits which range from keeping one in shape, to better digestion, energy, and more.

Key Takeaway

Sugary drinks are harmful for health in many ways as excess sugar intake is not applauded. A new research further stamps on this by revealing that sugar sweetened beverages can increase one’s risk of dying because of heart problems.

This study also analyzed if or not artificially sweetened drinks would be a better option and found that while these could work as a replacement, they should also be taken in moderation. However, the best drink remains to be water which can benefit health in many ways and comes with no negative side effects.