Study – Young Adults With High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Are At Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

High blood pressure and cholesterol are risk factors for heart disease. Cholesterol relates to the buildup of fat deposits in the coronary arteries which can up the risk of heart attack. High blood pressure exerts pressure on the heart and that stress can lead to heart failure.

Prolonged exposure to these two can be damaging. A new report explores that young adults who have high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol levels are more likely to experience cardiovascular events later on. This is in comparison to others who don’t have these risk factors in their early adult years.

Study – Young Adults With High Blood Pressure Or Cholesterol Likely To Heave Heart Attack

This new study analyzed six previous studies and a total of 26,030 people. It says that risk of heart attack is higher among young adults who have elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Compared to other adults, those who don’t have maintained blood pressure or cholesterol levels before 40 are at higher risk. The participants were on average 53 years of age. Researchers tracked them for 17 years to note who among them had heart attacks, strokes or suffered heart failure. After tracking half of the people, scientists drew out results.

When researchers followed up with these people, 4,570 participants had had heart attacks, 5,119 had experienced heart failure, and 2,862 had gone through strokes. The Journal of the American College of Cardiology published this report.

Findings Of The Study

Researchers noted:

  • People who had bad LDL cholesterol had a 64% higher risk of heart attacks. This was in comparison to adults who had low LDL in their early adulthood. Levels of LDL cholesterol are considered high when they jump above 129 milligrams per deciliter of blood.
  • Young adults with high systolic blood pressure had a 37% higher risk of heart failure later in life. Those who had high diastolic pressure were 21% more likely to suffer a heart failure later.

What Did Researchers Say?

This research work stresses on the need for young adults to take their health more seriously. Most simply shove concerns under the rug with the idea that they’ll care later on.

Senior author of the study, Dr. Andrew Moran said of this, “This study shows that healthy choices matter even in young adults.” He further added, “This means not smoking, eating a healthful diet, and exercising regularly.”

The researcher also suggested that young adults who have high risk factors can be given medications. This route is not currently followed.

Limitations Of The Study

This research work, however, did have some limitations. Very few participants had high blood pressure and cholesterol levels as young adults. The study did also not prove why high blood pressure and cholesterol in young adults raises their risk of heart-related events.

One major limitation of the study is that some smaller studies didn’t have measurements of participants’ blood pressure and cholesterol throughout their lifespan. This means researchers had to estimate the risk factors based on participants’ data at older ages.

Key Takeaway

Looking at what this new study says, it is crucial to care for you health at all stages.