Study Shows How Energy Drinks Can Damage Tooth Enamel

We’re a nation obsessed with energy drinks so much so that some of us have even replaced our soft drinks and coffee with these beverages, hoping that they would grant us higher energy or would somehow keep us productive. But did you know that these benefits come at a cost when you try to reap them by taking energy drinks?

You must already be aware of the many ways energy drinks can damage your health. A study also unveils how these drinks can damage your oral health. A per this study, energy drinks can damage your tooth enamel severely.

What Did This Study Reveal?

A study published in 2012, in the Journal of General Dentistry, found the detrimental impact that sports drinks have on dental health. The researchers involved in the study collected samples of 13 such popular beverages and examined their composition. Scientists also noted the effects that these energy drinks had on tooth enamel.

The study revealed that sports drinks bear higher acidity markers in comparison to other drinks. Their low pH can be harmful for the enamel of one’s teeth. The acid present in energy drinks can coat the enamel and cause significant damage. The pH of these so-called energy boosters was found to be around 3.2 which is the same as that of a car battery.

This means every time you chug down an energy drink, you are washing your teeth with car battery acid. The preservatives and artificial flavors that are found in sports drinks can cause gum problems as well. Because of the dental health problems linked to the intake of these drinks, it is best to avoid them rather than make them a regular part of your diet.

How Energy Drinks Damage Health

If the above reason of is not enough to stop you from the excessive consumption of energy drinks, know that there are other negative side effects of these drinks as well. Since this beverage comprises of caffeine and sugar, it can lead to obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, kidney problems, etc. There are also other immediate health problems caused when you gulp down energy drinks.

These include sleep problems, irritation of the stomach lining, tremors, and even palpitations. A study also reveals how the consumption of energy drinks can constrict blood flow. This may cause cardiovascular problems. This is why, regardless of one’s age, he must limit his consumption of energy drinks.


Bad oral health makes a person look unhygienic overall. If you want to keep your smile shining, it’s better for you to ditch energy drinks. This is because energy drinks are acidic and when they coat the tooth enamel, they can damage it badly.

However, it is best for you to avoid soft drinks as well as those carbonated and flavored beverages can also damage your health too. It’s best to stick to tea and the occasional cups of coffee.