Study Says Resveratrol In Red Wine Can Help With Anxiety

According to 2015’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 86.4% people above the legal age drink alcohol. It can be said that alcohol is a pretty controversial topic. Some opine that in moderate amounts, it is not too harmful. Other studies say that there’s simply no amount of alcohol that is not damaging for your body.

However, red wine is an exception. It is believed that the consumption of red wine maintains youthful looks, albeit when not overconsumed. This alcoholic beverage is said to contain several antioxidants and deliver many merits for health. Red wine can boost the immune system, it can take down cholesterol levels, and it can reduce the risk of stroke.

Adding to its wide list of favorable features, a new report says that red wine’s resveratrol can reduce risk of anxiety and depression.

Research – How Can Resveratrol Help With Anxiety And Depression?

Researchers from the University at Buffalo and Xuzhou Medical University, China conducted this research. The study showed that resveratrol can control a brain enzyme. This particular enzyme shares a link with stress. Published in the Neuropharmacology journal, scientists involved in the study concluded that resveratrol could replace other drug-based treatments for anxiety and depression.

Wondering what resveratrol is? The research team explained that it is a polyphenol that boasts “numerous pharmacological properties including anti-stress and antidepressant-like abilities.” It further elaborated that resveratrol influences an enzyme called PDE4 which is linked to the stress hormone corticosterone. Excess stress triggers cortisol release.

In other words, depression and anxiety cause the release of cortisol. By conducting a study on rats, the scientists found that resveratrol has neuroprotective properties. It could work against the damage that cortisol causes. However, scientists warned that this new finding didn’t mean that drinking red wine or alcohol in excess was safe.

Other Benefits Of Red Wine’s Resveratrol For Health

The resveratrol found in red wine can repair blood brain barriers. By doing so, it promotes better blood circulation and reduces the risk of depression. The calming effect of resveratrol also ensures that your brain health remains optimal by reducing stress. Resveratrol also has merits for other systems of your body.

For instance, resveratrol has heart-healthy benefits. The polyphenol also shows potential when it comes to the treatment of diabetes. The average resveratrol content that can be found in a glass of wine is 0.2 to 2.0 mg. However, many people ditch red wine and go directly for resveratrol supplements.


A new study shows that resveratrol, which is in red wine, can help reduce anxiety and depression. This is because it has an influence on the enzyme of the brain which in turn shares a link with cortisol, the stress hormone. Perhaps resveratrol can prove to be a helpful solution for people who struggle with anxiety and depression.