Study Says Apples Should Be Eaten With The Seeds

Apples are packed with several nutrients. They contain copper, manganese, potassium, and a bunch of vitamins. They also contain fiber and polyphenols. Owing to their rich nutritional profile, these fruits can benefit your health in a number of ways. They can assist with weight loss, better your cardiovascular health, and boost mental health.

This gift of nature also reduces the risk of several life-threatening ailments including cancer and diabetes. It improves bone health and detoxifies the liver as well. Moreover, apples are muscle boosters and improve skin quality.

What Does This Study Say?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, you must eat your apples whole to fetch full benefits. A new study suggests that tossing your apple’s core with seeds away prevents you from making the most of its beneficial bacterial content.

As per this new report by Good Morning America, you should eat your apple whole, seeds and all. Researchers from Austria’s Graz University of Technology found that lactobacillus is a part of apples. This supremely helpful bacterium is found at the core and in the seeds of apples. This bacterium is also found in probiotics and has been shown by research to ease digestive problems.

Findings Of The Study

Researchers looked at the bacterial content present in the stem, flesh, peel, and seeds of apples. Both organic and non-organic apples were tested. They found that by not consuming seeds and cores of apples, people consume only 10 million probiotics. While consuming these parts rather than discarding them benefits the gut with 100 million bacteria.

Another thing the study noted was that more beneficial bacteria can be found in organic apples than in non-organic ones. However, this study does contradict with the common idea that seeds of apples shouldn’t be consumed because of their poisonous nature.

What Does The Study Say About Apple Seeds Being Poisonous?

They say apple seeds are poisonous which is why they shouldn’t be consumed. They contain a chemical called amygdala which creates cyanide. This cyanide reacts with enzymes in the body and has a poisonous effect. Though when ingested in small amounts, cyanide is not a problem. However, when consumed in huge amounts, you may require immediate medical attention.

As per the researchers of this study you only experience the negative side effect of cyanide when it is consumed in huge amounts. For instance, when you take in hundreds of apple seeds at once. In minute amounts, it is not dangerous.

Do Apples Have Other Negative Side Effects?

Though apples come with many health benefits, the fruit can cause weight gain when consumed too much. This is because it contains sugar. Therefore, always practice moderation. Other than this, apples are also acidic which is not good news for your teeth. This is why you shouldn’t chew on juicy apples as often. Slicing an apple and then eating it, is a better option.