Study Points Out That Even Moderate Drinking Is Linked To Hypertension

Earlier it was believed that despite its many vices, alcohol did hold some good. However, now the case has been turned entirely against the drink. There are no health benefits that drinkers can reap from their habit of drinking. Because alcohol can damage one’s health in more ways than one.

It can lead to weight gain, and pancreatitis as well as liver disease. Overdoing alcohol intake can also weaken one’s immunity and attract diseases and infections. Not to mention, it can ruin one’s gut health and cause mental health concerns to arise as well.

And this doesn’t just stand true for those who consume it a lot but even those who indulge in moderate amounts of alcohol dosing. Most people would insist that one glass of alcohol per day could cause no damage. But this is not true. A new study shows that even moderate drinking can increase one’s risk of hypertension.

What Did This Study Reveal?

This new 2018 research, which was carried out to analyze the link between moderate drinking and hypertension, looked at the data of 17,000 US adults, both male as well as female. The findings of the study were presented at American College of Cardiology’s 68th Annual Scientific Session.

Researchers mainly focused one two aspects – how much did the participants drink on an everyday basis, and how their blood pressure levels were. Results divided drinkers into two categories. These were:

  • Moderate drinkers: those who gulped down about 7 to 13 drinks in a week
  • Heavy drinkers: those who drank more than 14 drinks on a weekly basis

Results revealed that both the categories of drinkers were at a higher risk of hypertension. Those who drank moderately were 53% more likely to develop high blood pressure whereas those who drank heavily were even more unfortunate, with a 69% higher risk for developing hypertension. This was in comparison with people who didn’t drink at all.

This shows that alcohol consumption is strongly associated with hypertension and consequent, heart-related complications. Scientists found that those who drank more than 14 drinks a week had more chances of going through cardiovascular ailments such as atrial fibrillation.

Since the study included members from both the genders, it is clear that hypertension risk is high regardless of whether one is a man or a woman if drinking is not controlled.


Alcohol holds not health benefits. It damages the liver, the heart, and even the brain. It drains one’s skin and makes one age faster. There is no good that comes out of it, despite some studies having previously suggested otherwise.

Now a new study further stamps on the negative role that alcohol plays with regards to health. This research says that even those who drink moderately are at a higher risk of becoming victims of hypertension. With this information being out in the public, it is necessary to take measure to quit alcohol.