State owned enterprise VHI plans to sell healthcare schemes worldwide

The state-owned Health insurer called VHI is trying to get a permit with the help of which it will be able to sell its health care plan internationally, which will cover all the provision of treatment done abroad. These are all mentioned in a new proposal which is brought to Cabinet by the Minister on Tuesday for the Health Simon Harris.

The size of the board will also be increased according to the health insurance legislation. Mr. Harris has a meeting with the ministers and has mentioned that he wants VHI to be at a place where it will have the facilities to sell health care internationally so that people are able to go abroad and also have a chance to have health care facilities. According to the minister, VHI is right now the biggest insurer in the health care sector,  but the existing legislation prohibits them from selling international health care and the only way to change it is to start publishing a new legislation.

The new health care legislation will be passed by Mr. Harris and it will be allowing VHI to sell international health care plans to people without any kind of intermediary. This amendment will make VHI stronger and highly competent all over the world. The size of the board will also be increased because of the new Health Insurance Authority from five members to seven members. There will also be an increase in quorum from three members to four members.