Social Anxiety Disorder – 6 Ways You Can Beat It

Social anxiety disorder is a condition that is characterized by the anxiousness and fear that a person feels before, during or after having to deal with a social situation. This disorder doesn’t only influence its victims before they are about to give a speech in public. Rather people with social anxiety disorder may experience symptoms of anxiousness and fear even when using public restrooms, eating in the public or making small talk.

Those who have this condition are anxious because they fear being evaluated. They don’t only fear the negative judgments of people but also the positive ones. The reason behind the latter is simple – socially anxious individuals don’t want any attention on themselves. They want to be as inconspicuous as possible. A positive evaluation can make them stand out which is also something they want to avoid.

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Social Anxiety Disorder

Here some ways a person struggling with social anxiety disorder can decrease the symptoms of and be able to enjoy a better social life:

1 – Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a helpful technique for anyone who has social anxiety and wants to handle the situation better. It can be performed right before a potential anxiety-triggering situation. However, it is best to practice deep breathing daily.

2 – Going For Therapy

Another solution that a person can opt for is visiting a therapist. A professional can help one through this mental ailment and can guide one in becoming less socially anxious.

3 – Avoiding Alcohol And Coffee

As an already jittery person, alcohol and coffee can be especially harmful for someone who has social anxiety disorder. Therefore, people with the mental condition should avoid these two beverages just to stay on the safe side.

4 – Talking To Someone

While psychotherapy is the treatment route that a person must take, talking to someone he trusts can also help. In this regard, one should discuss his feelings with a loved one. He can also join a support group in person or online.

5 – Controlling Stress

If one doesn’t have a tight grip on stress, it will have a tight grip on him. Hence, to control social anxiety somewhat, it is recommended to try stress curbing techniques. These include yoga and meditation.

6 – Being Realistic

One shouldn’t expect himself to jump out of his socially anxious skin all too easily. He should set practical objectives. Moreover, he should also adopt rational thinking and remind himself that firstly, embarrassing situations don’t arise often and if they do, they can be dealt with. Everything that happens eventually is forgotten. In fact, most of the fear is only in a person’s head.


Social anxiety disorder is a mental condition that keeps one in crippling fear that arises on occasion of having to be social. Some ways to deal with it include going for therapy, support groups, and stress controlling techniques.