Should you drink Vitaminwater Or Does It Damage Health?

Vitaminwater, a fancy take on regular water, has gained a lot of popularity recently. Particularly, because it is advertised as healthy. Vitaminwater a is brand of beverages, a line that is owned by the Coca-Cola company.

This drink, as its name suggests, is packed with vitamins and minerals. However, along with these it also contains sugars. The company behind this beverage claims that natural flavors and colors have been added to it.

The real question is, is vitaminwater healthy? The answer is no, not in excess. Most people are not deficient in the vitamins and minerals that have been added to this drink. Moreover, the sugar content of this drink does more harm than good. Let’s explore this in more depth – here are four reasons why vitaminwater is not good for your health:

1 – It Doesn’t Come With Essential Nutrients

Vitaminwater contains vitamin B and C both of which most people are not deficient in. This means that an excess intake of these vitamins is merely excreted in urine rather than being used or stored. The beverage may contain some important vitamins and minerals but those can be taken in the form of fruits rather than an unhealthy drink.

2 – Micronutrients In Excess Are Harmful For Health

Moderation is the key even when it comes to nutrients. Therefore, when one is getting the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that his body needs from his food already, there is no point drinking vitaminwater. While vitaminwater doesn’t contain an excess amount of nutrients, when added to the nutrients one already gets from other sources, the amount can exceed that which is considered healthy.

3 – It Contains Too Much Sugar Which Is Unhealthy

Vitaminwater contains the same amount of sugar that the Coca-Cola drink comes with. This high sugar content can be supremely unhealthy. While the type of sugar added in the beverage may vary from country to country, too much intake of fructose can be harmful. These added sugars can make one gain weight. They up the risks of obesity and other related health concerns.

4 – It Can Raise The Risk Of Several Diseases

Excess sugar and calorie intake is linked to a whole lot of health problems. Too much sugar can cause obesity, tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and also cancer. It can take the levels of triglycerides, blood pressure, cholesterol, and insulin resistance up. It can also increase one’s risk of developing fatty liver disease.

Is Vitaminwater Zero Good For You?

Vitaminwater also has a ‘zero’ line that doesn’t contain added sugar. In its stead, it contains erythritol and stevia as sweeteners. Even without excess sugar, vitaminwater cannot be called healthy. This is because the zero line of this beverage may also lead to excess consumption of minerals and vitamins. Hence, it is best not to drink this drink as it is unhealthy.