Scientists Have Found Link Between Alcohol Intake And Stroke

Alcohol can damage health in more ways than one. Science has found the link that alcohol shares with pancreatitis, diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and more. Past researches have tried to instill the idea that moderate consumption of alcohol can prove to be good for the heath of the heart. However, many recent studies have confirmed that alcohol consumption, even in moderate amounts, doesn’t provide any health benefits.

Particularly, for the heart. A recent study found that moderate consumption of alcohol was associated to a higher risk of hypertension. Elevated blood pressure markers can lead to stroke, heart disease, and heart attack.

Moreover, a latest study which has been published in the Lancet journal shows that alcohol consumption is associated with increased risk of stroke. Stroke is a disease that impacts the brain’s arteries. Not only is it the fifth leading cause of death in America but also one of the leading causes of disability.

It occurs when a blood vessel located in the brain is either clogged by a clot or ruptures, hampering the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Some symptoms of stroke include loss of balance, dizziness, vision problems, confusion in speaking or understanding, headache without any cause, etc.

As per this study, men who regularly drink alcohol have a higher risk of stroke. Let’s dive into this study below.

What Did This Study Reveal?

A new study which has been conducted by researchers from University of Oxford, UK, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and Peking University has found a strong link between alcohol consumption and the risk of stroke. For the purpose of this study, scientists kept track of the cardiovascular health of plus 500,000 individuals.

The results came to the following conclusions:

  • Men who drank more than 4 drinks per day had a 38% higher risk of stroke
  • The risk of stroke increased on a steady pace from low alcohol intake to 4 drinks each day
  • Blood pressure levels also increased with the intake of alcohol
  • The risk of stroke in women on alcohol consumption couldn’t be figured because very few women involved in the study were drinkers
  • The risk of heart attack on alcohol consumption couldn’t be figured perhaps because of fewer incidents of heart attack among the participants

Keeping the findings of this study in mind, it is crucial to not only completely restrict the consumption of alcohol.

Key Takeaway

Previously it was believed that alcohol did come with some benefits for health when consumed in moderation. It was said that alcohol could benefit cardiovascular health. Latest researches contrast those studies and stress that alcohol is bad for the heart even in moderate quantities.

As per a new study which gives the final verdict of the harms of alcohol when it comes to health, alcohol consumption can up the risks of stroke. Hence, it is essential to lower one’s intake of alcohol so as to keep one’s health protected from its many vices.