Research Explains How One Side Of The Brain Dominates Another

Your brain is divided into two spheres that are known as the left hemisphere and right hemisphere. Each part of the brain controls half of the body’s side. For instance, the left side of the brain controls the right side of the brain. On the flip side, the right side of the brain controls left side of the body.

So far, it has been understood that the left hemisphere of the brain dominates the right one as a child turns 6. Recent study has, however, made some interesting conclusions. It found out that hemispheric dominance, also known as lateralization of brain function, is not only a human phenomenon but it occurs throughout the animal kingdom.

What Does The Latest Study Says?

The latest research has been conducted by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany. Its findings appear in the journal Cell Reports. Previously, it has been understood that one of sides of the brain overpowers its neighbor.

However, scientists now note that the excitatory messages run both ways. This shows that there is more to the interaction between the two hemispheres of the brain than previously understood.

Investigations conducted on pigeons as part of this study show that this interaction between the two brain sides. The scientists learned that the hemispheric dominance is based on a sophisticated mechanism.

The interaction is not based on a single excitatory or inhibitory influence. Instead, it is powered by minute temporal delays that occur on the nerve cells activity in the other hemisphere.

What Do The Hemispheres Do?

Both the brain hemispheres are responsible for different functions. For instance, the left side of the brain is responsible for handling language, logic, reasoning, analytic thought, spelling, planning speech, sequencing, and categorizing.

The brain’s right hemisphere, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in managing imagination, creativity, music awareness, rhythm, emotions, insight, and intuition. This side of the brain is commonly referred to as the image brain.

What’s more, the photographic memory of learning things as it works in the visual stimulation department. In essence, schools sharpen the left side of the brain by encouraging activities such as spelling practices and practicing mathematics.

Little to no attention is paid to creativity and music. Therefore, if you want to empower your or your toddler’s right hemisphere, you should practice more creative activities. For instance, solve complicated puzzles that can sharpen the right side of the brain.

Summing up

While there is more research needed to understand how the two hemispheres are connected and interact with each other, it is clear that the hemispheric dominance is prevalent throughout the animal kingdom.

What’s more, previous findings outline that the left hemisphere of the brain mainly dominates after the age of six. To keep the gears of the right hemisphere rolling though, practice creativity. Don’t rely on the standard processes of training the brain as they work in favor of sharpening the left side. Instead, try to be involved in creative practice to keep your brain active.