Ready, Set, Food Review – How To Protect Your Baby From Common Food Allergies?

Ready, Set, Food is a product that can be given to babies to prevent the development of food allergies. It contains only three ingredients, all in their organic forms. These are peanut, egg, and milk. No preservatives or sugars have been added to the gentle formula. Since the product has been developed by allergists, one can rely on it. Positive customer reviews have also been shown on the website of the product.

Ready, Set, Food Review

Allergies can be difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, food allergy development is only increasing. In the past decade alone, the chances of developing food allergies have tripled. Now, approximately 10% of the children in the United States are victims of food allergies. 50% of these don’t even have any family history of food allergies.

This is why one must try and keep them from developing in the first place. Introducing babies to common allergens is a great way to keep an allergy from forming. Ready, Set, Food is a guiding system that can help in this matter. The 2-stage product introduces and sustains exposure to egg, peanut, and milk to infants.

The product comes in powdered supplement form and can be conveniently added by parents to their infant feeding routines. The product is not only natural and safe to use but it is also supported by pediatricians and users. The formula has been created on the basis of evidence and doesn’t contain any harsh or dangerous ingredients. One can trust this product when it comes to the health and wellness of his baby. 

How Does It Work?

Ready, Set, Food is a supplement system with two stages in place. The first one, is for babies aged from 4 to 11 months and should be used for 15 days. This formula gradually introduces the ingredients to the baby and allows him to build up tolerance to them. Stage 2 is for children who are 6+ months. This formula allows for sustained exposure, reducing the likelihood of the baby developing a food allergy later on in his life.


When it comes to infants, no risks can be taken. However, parents also have to make sure that their babies don’t have any allergies when the grow up. Allergic reactions are common in babies. It is better to prevent the development of allergies rather than let an allergy grow and then think about ways to dodge the bullet that has already been shot.

In this regard, Ready, Set, Food is a great formula. This product is gentle on the child and can be introduced to him slowly and steadily. Some of the qualities of this product that speak in its favor are the following:

Organic formula:

The product is one that has been created using only natural ingredients. The three components of this product are peanut, egg and milk. No potentially harmful substances have been added to the mix. The ingredient-list doesn’t have any preservatives or sugars.

Formulated by professionals:

This product is not one that has been manufactured on the basis of research conducted by amateurs. Rather, the formula has been constructed by allergists. Professionals have formulated this product which is what makes it more dependable.

Quality approved:

The supplement is endorsed by renowned pediatricians. The website also says that the product is supported by national health guidelines. The approach of the product is backed by NIH, AAAAI, and AAP.


The formula is also backed by science. The website mentions that the supplement is based on and backed by evidence. The company also shows the science behind the product on its official website. Owing to this feature, one can trust the product easily.

Positive user reviews:

Several positive reviews of parents have been given on the website. These reviews serve as testimonials. While one can doubt the words of the company, he can rely on the reviews of people who have tried this product and noticed great results.

Safe to use:

Since the product is made without using any artificial ingredients and no additives have been added, one can rest assured that the product is safe for babies. The formula is also GMO-free. It has been created keeping in mind the delicate systems of infants.

Easy buying:

One can purchase this product easily online. The payment modes are safe. All one has to do is select the packages that he wants for his baby and make the payment. The product is delivered to his doorstep speedily. One can know further about the ordering and other polices via the website.


The company discloses all the details regarding the science and the working process of the program. It also shows the people who are a part of the team that is involved in the making of the product. This makes it seem more trustworthy.

Pricing and Other Details

People who are interested in knowing more about this product can visit its online website. The product can be bought from there as well. For those who want to stay updated, they can enter their email and subscribe to the company’s newsletter. The product is delivered free of cost. It comes as part of a monthly subscription package which can be easily cancelled anytime. The company mentions that it charges $48 per month.

However, buyers are not pressured into getting the subscription deal. Rather, they can also make a one-time purchase. A single bottle of this product comes for $60. The contact details of the company have been clearly mentioned on the website for those who may have any questions or queries. Parents only have this chance to ensure their babies grow to be immune to food allergies. It’s better to make a difference when one can.


Ready, Set, Food is a powdered supplement formula for babies that aims to lower the risk of them developing food allergies. This product has scientific evidence backing its working process. It has been created using organic ingredients. No additives or chemicals have been added to the formula. Hence, it is safe to use. The company discloses all the details on its website. Positive customer reviews have also been shown.