Protein Water – Healthy Post-Workout Drink Or Another Useless Beverage?

Last year protein water started to get a lot of attention after Paleo diets gained popularity. With protein being a favorite for maintaining lean muscle mass, repairing muscles and keeping one fuller for longer, this product does seem to be like a good post-workout drink. But is it really?

There are several other protein products on the market as well ranging from protein powder to protein porridge. Protein shakes have also always been a hit among gym-goers, however, those are high in sugar and calories which is a major downside to them. Protein water, on the other hand, seems like a better alternative.

What Is Protein Water?

Protein water is made using isolated whey protein which can contribute to the growth and development of muscles. Since the drink is low in calories and sugar, it seems like a great beverage to guzzle down after making your way out of the gym. Today, protein water comes in a number of flavors ranging from mango, blackcurrant and orange to coconut and more.

Should You Drink Protein Water?

Several experts favor protein water, many are against it, and some are neutral toward it. Those who think protein water shouldn’t be consumed say that it may prove to be useless. This is because whey protein doesn’t give one all the required 9 amino acids. Therefore, rather than going for protein water post-workout, it is better to indulge in protein-rich foods.

By consuming natural protein foods such as beans, one’s appetite gets satisfied and his body’s protein needs are also met. What’s more, protein water may prove to be of no use because the content of protein it provides is too little to benefit muscle repair and growth.

These anti-protein water experts also say that while the drink doesn’t contain sugar and calories, it does comprise of artificial sweeteners which may increase one’s sugar cravings. The group of experts who favor protein water say that it is way better to have a bottle of protein water than another sugary drink.

So-called energy drinks can harm health in several ways due to their high content of sugar, calories, and acids. Some experts also say that whether or not you should go for an energy drink depends on the brand of the energy drink. If you’re not an athlete, your body is most probably getting all the protein it needs from food as it is so there is no point of drinking protein water.

If you are lactose intolerant or a vegan, you may have to think twice before gulping down protein water. Some experts stress that lactose intolerant people should not drink protein water where others say that the lactose in whey protein isolate is less than 1% and hence, doesn’t pose any problems. Vegans may want to choose a protein water brand that uses vegetarian sources.