President of UAE finally issues a new law to regulate the future of technologies

The President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has finally issued a law which will authorize the Cabinet of UAE to grant a temporary license so that they are able to test out all the new age technologies which are based on Artificial intelligence. This law in UAE will help to provide a very safe environment for governing the applications of the technology.

There is a study going on, which will help to develop a very new legislation with RegLab which will be launching next January. RegLab will become the largest labs which will be developing all the legislation related to the latest technologies. This is the step of UAE to attract a lot of companies which are trying to build new technologies.

The legislation that will be created by the Lab will be very much transparent so that everyone can understand how it works. This lab will be working closely with different lawmakers from local government and federal government authorities which will make it work smoother. This is a big step for the government of UAE which will attract a lot of new companies to set up their offices.