Oiling And Oral Health – Can Oil Pulling Whiten Teeth?

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? Everyone does. Alas, toothpaste doesn’t always work like magic, contrary to what its advertisements suggest. Moreover, seeking artificial teeth-whitening techniques is not preferred by everyone since the risk of negative side effects showing up in future is high. Sure, celebrities are promoting the use of whitening gels that are made with so-called natural ingredients. However, these products can also not always be trusted.

In the midst of all this, ancient natural practices are gaining an upper-hand. One of these is oil pulling which is filed under the category of ayurvedic techniques and is believed to be of assistance in not only making your teeth pearly white but also in eliminating gum diseases, plaque buildup, and offering other oral health benefits.

What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling refers to the practice of swishing oil in your mouth for a long period of time to remove bacteria and clean the teeth. It has been giving the name of oil pulling, since it is thought that holding a plant-based oil in one’s mouth can pull out bacteria and toxins. After swishing, the oil is spit out rather than being ingested.

It is claimed that oil pulling reduces inflammation in the mouth, encourages saliva production, and moisturizes the gums. Some also say that the technique can of assistance in relieving one of sensitivity. Oil pulling may also be of use in the prevention of cavities, and in reducing bad breath.

It is also claimed that oil pulling can whiten and pull off stains from the surface of teeth. However, there is no scientific backing to prove this. While studies have not showed this either, some are also of the view that oil pulling can offer anti-inflammatory benefits. This is possible since organic oils do have anti-inflammatory properties.

Does It Work?

Several claims confirm that oil pulling does provide the above-mentioned benefits for oral health. The practice is popular and has been so for ages now. While it has worked for many, it may not hold significant benefits.

Over and above that, science doesn’t have much proof to support these claims. According to the American Dental Association, scientific evidence is lacking and hence oil pulling is not recommended. More tests and research are needed on the topic.

Side Effects Of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling doesn’t only not have a lot of research on its side. It may also be companied by side effects such as diarrhea and an upset stomach. Furthermore, it can also cause lipoid pneumonia if the oil gets into the lungs.

Herbal oil products may also contain harmful lead, mercury or arsenic markers which is another reason why oil swishing is considered rather harmful. Many people also believe that they can entirely replace brushing their teeth with this practice which is not recommended at all.