NHS finally announces specialist healthcare support to veterans

NHS leader has finally confirmed that they will be providing all the veterans with a specialist healthcare support so that they are able to take the benefit of the healthcare scheme. There are more than five million members of the United Kingdom armed forces with more than 15,000 people leaving the service every year.

According to NHS England, people who have served their nation will have the facility of availing the best health care in the country. The United Kingdom has a lot of places in the country where there is a proper mental health care department where people from the army can avail their benefits.

The Health and Social Care Secretary Mr. Matt Hancock has said that they are very much proud of the services they will be providing to the armed forces. It is everyone’s duty to take care of the physical and mental health of the people who serve for the country. An integrated care will be provided in all the Veteran Aware Hospitals in the country of the United Kingdom. All the veterans are really happy that there has finally been a healthcare that is specifically designed keeping the armed forces in mind.