New Study: Sugary Drinks Cause Weight Gain, Not Sugary Foods

There are several reasons you should ditch cola. From the negative effects it has on your teeth to its link with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It’s also well-documented that the liquid calories these beverages carry can make you put on weight.

Now a new research says that not all calories from sugary products are the same. In fact, when in liquid form sugar increases your weight more than when in solid form. So, if you are drinking more sugar-sweetened drinks and thinking to decrease the calories you consume by reducing sugary food, it’s not likely to help.

That’s because liquids that have sugar chip in higher weight gain. However, researchers conducted this latest work on mice, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the results will apply to humans as well. Previous findings, however, point in the same direction.

Liquid Sugar Worse

Researchers from the United Kingdom and China looked at the effects that sucrose had on diet. The Molecular Metabolism journal published their findings. For the purpose of the study, they gave rats either sugary foods or drinks. The body weight, fat, calorie consumption, and energy usage of these rats was monitored.

The team didn’t just assess these factors but also measured the rats’ glucose and insulin responses,. This was done to see if they had higher odds of diabetes. Scientists found that rats that were fed liquid sucrose had taken in more calories. These mice also showed an increment in weight and body fat. The weight gain also caused the rats’ glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity to go down.

This means the animals had higher diabetes risk. Comparatively, those rats which ate added sucrose food and had plain water for drinking had healthier metabolisms and leaner weights. Researchers concluded, “These data, therefore, support the suggested role of sugar-sweetened beverages in the development of diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance.”

Pros And Limitations Of The Study

Experts argue that this study does have two limitations. First of all, the research was on mice, not humans. Not all research done on rats applies to humans too. Secondly, the sucrose quantity that the scientists gave to the animals as their drink was too high to represent the beverages people consume.

It was 50% sucrose in water which is 5x the amount found in average sugar-sweetened beverages. Regardless of these limitations though, the findings are consistent with previous works. The study added to the evidence that encourages you to lessen the consumption of sugary drinks.

Sum Up

A new study has concluded that liquid sugar is more harmful than solid with regards to weight gain. Though this study does have some limitations, it is very much plausible. It further gives a reason to cut back on the consumption of cola and other such harmful beverages. The study also found that the increase in weight from sugary drinks can increase diabetes risk as well.