New Study Strengthens Nut Consumption’s Link With Weight Loss

From reduced blood pressure and better cardiovascular health to the prevention of colon cancer, nuts provide a variety of benefits. More and more studies are diving into the advantageous nature of nut consumption.

The weight loss benefits of nuts may come off as surprise to many because nuts are filled with calories. Despite this, studies have suggested that eating nuts can keep you from packing on pounds. In fact, a new research work, that the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health journal published, also found that eating nuts can lead to weight loss.

Further Evidence That Nut Consumption Can Help With Weight Loss

For the purpose of this study, researchers looked at the data of three groups. They examined their diet, weight, and exercise patterns. Following were the three groups:

  • The 27,521 who participated in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study from the 1986 to 2010
  • The 61,680 women who were part of the Nurses Health Study between the same years
  • 55,684 women who belonged to the second group but were younger and had participated between 1991 and 2011

All these individuals didn’t have any chronic disease when the study began. On 4-year intervals they filled a questionnaire regarding their consumption of nuts and their weight. The questionnaires asked participants about their exercise patterns every two years. Scientists assessed the calories they burned through the MET technique.

Findings Of The Study

The study found that those who consumed an additional half serving of nuts had smaller weight gain risk of accruing 2 or more kilograms over the 4-year term. Increasing walnut intake by half a serving shared a link with 15% lower odds of weight gain.

The study also found that replacing unhealthful foods with nut servings could reduce weight by 0.41 to 0.70 kilograms in a 4-year period. Moreover, for those who didn’t consume nuts, adding at least half a serving of them prevented weight gain by 0.74 kilograms and decreased obesity risk.

What’s more, constantly increasing the intake of nuts by half daily shared a link with 23% lowered risk of weight gain by 5 or more kilograms. It also was associated to a lower obesity risk.

This was an observational study that didn’t explain the causes behind nut consumption and weight loss. Researchers involved in the study said, “Incorporating nuts as part of a healthy dietary pattern by replacing less healthful foods may help mitigate the gradual weight gain common during adulthood and beneficially contribute to the prevention of obesity.”

How Do Nuts Help With Weight Loss?

One study showed that people who had a nut-based diet put on less weight than those who consumed a nut-free diet. How do nuts promote weight loss? They induce feelings of fullness and suppress appetite.

Moreover, of all the fats that nuts contain, most are excreted while only some are absorbed. This benefit is more noticeable on the consumption of whole nuts. Additionally, nut consumption also supports the burning off of fats and calories.