New Study Says Dark Chocolate Consumption Decreases Risk Of Depression

A study by the University of London says that eating more dark chocolate can reduce your risk of depression. This is because it has a positive effect on your mood. Researchers conducted this study to look at the links between various chocolates and mood disorders.

The Anxiety and Depression journal published this study. Researchers from the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services also collaborated on this study. Scientists assessed the data of 13,626 adults from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

The health of participants was analyzed according to what they scored on the Patient Health Questionnaire which evaluates depressive symptoms. The study also considered other factors such as the weight, height, exercise, etc. of the participants.

Findings Of The Study

The research work found:

  • The risk of clinical depressive symptoms was low by 70% among those who consumed any amount of chocolate in two 24-hour periods. This was in comparison to those who didn’t at any dark chocolate at all.
  • 25% of people who ate the most chocolate were also less likely to say that they had any depressive symptoms compared to those who didn’t eat any chocolate at all.
  •  The study didn’t find any link between eating non-dark chocolate and depressive symptoms. Even though scientists were able to establish links between depression and dark chocolate.

How Does Dark Chocolate Reduce Risk Of Depressive Symptoms?

Reports have proposed a link between chocolate and improved mood before. However, researchers need dig deeper to find why dark chocolate reduces risk of depressive symptoms. Dr. Sarah Jackson, lead author of the study said that it could be that depression makes people eat less chocolate as they lose their interest in it.

Or it could be that there are “other factors that make people both less likely to eat dark chocolate and to be depressed.” If a reasoning is found, Dr. Jackson said that a “biological mechanism needs to be understood to determine the type and amount of chocolate consumption for optimal depression prevention and management.

They say dark chocolate has psychoactive properties that induce euphoria. Some evidence shows that you can only benefit from the mood-enhancing qualities of chocolate if it is pleasant to eat. This stands true for all types of chocolates, however, dark chocolate in particular has more flavonoids which have an anti-inflammatory nature. This allows it to prevent depression.


A new report says that dark chocolate shares a link with reduced risk of depressive symptoms. Researchers involved in the study didn’t find a similar association between other types of chocolate and clinical depression.

The study didn’t find the cause behind this link. However, it could be that chocolates mood-boosting properties are behind this. Dark chocolate has a more anti-inflammatory nature due to high flavonoid content which is why it shares a positive link with depression.

Does this mean you should consume too many dark chocolates without any fear? No, because mor chocolate also means more calories.