Minister of Democratic Republic officially announces that Ebola virus is the worst outbreak in history

According to the Ministry of Democratic Republic, the latest outbreak of Ebola is the worst outbreak in the whole history of the country. The virus is said to have affected more than 319 times. The virus has killed almost close to 198 people after the outbreak of the disease on 1st of August. A total of 163 people were confirmed dead and Ebola was the reason. About 100 people were able to survive Ebola this year.

Since 1976 there has been a total of 9 outbreaks of Ebola and this is the 10th time of its outbreak. The Health Minister Dr. Oly Ilunga Kalenga said in an interview that the number of people affected by Ebola has exceeded expectation. No other epidemic in the world is as much complex as Ebola right now. The response team has been facing a lot of problems since its arrival. They are often getting kidnapped and two people even lost their lives because of it. There has been a lot of resistance from the community towards the health officials.

Health officials have successfully able to vaccinate more than 27,000 people who were at high risk and could have developed Ebola. The health minister said in an interview that the Ebola epidemic is very much dangerous. The head of the United Nation ’s peacekeeping operation said that they will be trying their best to help out the Democratic Republic Congo to stop the spreading of Ebola. According to the health ministry, the team who is working against Ebola is also attacked about two to three times a week. The main reason for spreading of Ebola is through body fluids of infected people which also include the dead.