Milia: What Is It and How Can You Treat the Bumps?

Milia is one of the common causes behind bumps that show up on your cheeks or under the eyes. While there are other causes for the under eye bumps, milia is a common one. Such bumps usually tend to be non-cancerous, painless, and itch-free.

Some people may, however, want to get rid of them due to cosmetic reasons. To this end, you can check with your doctor who can help you with the removal process. Besides, milia can be treated at home as well.

Here is an in-depth look at what milia under eye bumps are and what you can do about it:

What is Milia?

Milia bumps are recognized as white and small bumps that surface on your skin. These occur when dead skin cells are trapped under the skin’s surface. In other words, these bumps occur when keratin is trapped under your skin’s surface at the base of hair follicles or sweat glands.

Healthline states that these are not a sign of clogged pores. Not only are adults affected by milia but children and newborn babies can also get these bumps. It is common to confuse milia with acne and DPN-caused bumps though.

However, there are significant differences between the two. For one, milia bumps contain pus. In contrast with them, white-headed acne does not contain pus. On the other day, dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN) and milia bumps are also different.

The bumps caused by both these conditions are firm and smooth to touch. However, milia bumps exhibit yellow or white domes, whereas, DPN-caused bumps are black or brown in color. One other difference is in the size. Milia bumps are 1-2 mm in size. On the flip side, DPN bumps are 1-5 mm in size.

Is Milia Harmful?

Generally, milia bumps are harmless. However, it is best to be sure. To this end, you can head to the doctor who can conduct a skin biopsy to conduct the non-cancerous nature of the bumps. You can either leave the bumps as they are or get them removed if they bother. The choice is yours.

What can you do to remove milia?

You can eliminate milia bumps both at home or surgically. Some of the DIY measures for treating milia include:

-Cleaning and exfoliating your skin

As explained, milia bumps occur due to excess accumulation of dead skin cells. This means you need to exfoliate regularly to get rid of the collected waste of keratin. Hence, you need to gently exfoliate your skin. The bumps due to milia will disappear as the accumulated keratin disappears.

-Steam your skin

Steam is another way to get rid of milia. Try to create a steamy environment by spending some time in your bathroom or hot shower. This can help treat the bumps.

-Rose water or manuka honey

You can also apply manuka honey or spritz rose water. These ingredients show anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate the problem of milia.

You can also treat milia with the help of medical procedures. These include laser ablation, cryotherapy, and deroofing.

Wrap Up

Milia are harmless bumps under your eye. You can treat them at home or get them surgically removed. Don’t poke or prod at the bumps those as that can irritate, scar, or infect the bump.