Is Your Skin Between Toes Peeling? Here Are 5 Possible Explanations For It

Have you been noticing that the skin between your toes is peeling? While this is probably nothing of serious concern, you should be aware of what is causing it.

Here are 5 common skin conditions that can explain why the skin between your toes is peeling:

1 – Athlete’s Foot

Perhaps the skin between your toes is peeling because of fungus. Athlete’s foot is caused because of fungus which first effects the toes and then moves to the feet. The start of this skin infection is marked by a rash which later starts peeling. Itching may also occur. Since athlete’s foot impacts both your feet, if you have it in one foot, you’re most likely to develop it in another too. Anti-fungal medications can used for combating the infection.

2 – Cellulitis

Bacteria can also be the cause behind your peeling skin. Cellulitis, which is a bacterial infection, typically effects the legs. In some cases, though, it travels to the feet as well. If athlete’s foot is left untreated, it may also lead to cellulitis. Cellulitis has fever for a symptom as well. This condition is scarier as it can cause blisters and even make its way into the blood. By entering the bloodstream, it can cause more health problems. Hence, medical attention must be sought, and the wounds must be kept clean.

3 – Psoriasis

This is an autoimmune disease that can cause patches of skin cells to get thicker and appear red and risen. These effected patches can also look scaly and may be itchy and sore too. In certain cases, psoriasis causes peeling and bleeding. Since there is no cure for this condition, it is essential to keep effected skin clean and moisturized. Professionals in the field may be able to help somewhat. And though it is easier said than done, scratching must be avoided.

4 – Trench Foot

Another condition that can be responsible for peeling skin between the toes is this one. Trench foot makes the skin of the feet appear wrinkly like it looks after being in water for a prolonged period. This skin condition is caused when you wear wet socks for too long. Not only does the skin appear wrinkly, but it also gets painful, and itchy. One can get relief from this condition by keeping his feet dry and not wearing wet socks.

5 – Shoe Contact Dermatitis

This is the most common cause behind skin peeling. Not all shoe materials suit the skin. Some can also cause shoe contact dermatitis, a condition in which basically an allergic reaction to shoe material. Peeling of skin between toes is common in this condition if the skin is irritated. Other symptoms of shoe contact dermatitis include blisters and itching. It must be kept in mind that the allergy can spread from one body part to another.

To sum up, keep your feet clean, nails trimmed, wear dry socks and comfortable shoes.