Is Sleeping On Your Stomach Bad For Health?

Are you the sort of individual who reaches home and falls face first on the bed to drop into a peaceful sleep? While google may describe your personality as ‘playful’ for this sleep position, you’re sleep quality is actually going down. Furthermore, sleeping on your stomach is also taking a toll on your health.

So, to answer is sleeping on your stomach bad for your health? Yes, it is. You experience poor, rather than peaceful, sleep and find yourself feeling tired all day long. Furthermore, this sleeping position also strains your back and your neck because of how uncomfortable it is. Your partner might like you sleeping on your stomach though if you are a snorer because sleeping this way can help with sleep apnea and lessen snoring.

What Does Sleeping On Your Stomach Do To Your Back And Neck?

The majority of people who sleep upside-down tend to have some type of pain. Either in the joints, the back or the neck. Since the body parts are strained, an individual who is a stomach sleeper is likely to wake up several times during the night. This means that when he wakes up in the morning, he is not exactly going to feel fresh and energetic.

Stomach sleepers exert pressure on their back and spine because their weight is concentrated in the middle of their body. This doesn’t keep the spine in a neutral position and hence, stresses it. Since the spine has nerves connecting to other body parts, one can experience pain anywhere in the body. Over and above that, the neck is also very uncomfortable.

With the face on the pillow, a person cannot breathe properly so he naturally has to move his head sideways. This misaligns the head and the spine by requiring him to twist his neck. As a result, a stomach sleeper may experience neck ache in the morning. If he ignores that and continues sleeping the same way, he may over time develop neck problems such as herniated disk.

Why Pregnant Women Should Not Sleep On Their Stomach

Late into their pregnancy, expecting mums can obviously not sleep on their stomach. However, they should be careful not to sleep this way even early on, in the first months. This is because they need to get good rest as they are resting for two. Moreover, they also do not want to have all the weight in the middle as that would strain their spine. By sleeping on the stomach, the baby is also sandwiched between the spine and the mattress which is not recommended.

Key Takeaway

Sleeping on your spine is definitely not a good idea. It strains both the spine and the neck. Stomach sleepers may experience pain and fatigue in the morning because of their uncomfortable positioning and restless sleep. They may also develop more serious spine or neck related health concerns over time if they continue sleeping on their stomach.