Intuitive Eating 101 – What Is This Eating Philosophy?

Obesity is widely prevalent, not only in the United States but worldwide. As of 2018, 30% of global population is obese or overweight. Between the years 1975 and 2016, obesity has tripled on a global level. Many have cashed in on these stats and the dire need to control this health epidemic. This has resulted in the popularity of several hopeless diets and supplements.

Unfortunately, many people fall for all these so-called weight loss products and plans. Sometimes it’s the cucumber diet, other times its some metabolism-boosting supplement. However, diets are too challenging and come with risks for health such as nutrient deprivation, and more. Supplements, on the flip side, can be even worse.

Is Intuitive Eating what we should all be turning to instead? Intuitive Eating is not another diet trend, neither is it a plan focused on melting fats. It is an eating style that is not demanding and simply debunks the use of all diets and supplements. This philosophy refers to listening to your body’s need and deciding accordingly, how much to eat and when to eat. It also teaches you to accept your body.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is an eating philosophy that revolves around letting your body decide how much and when it wants to eat. According to this concept, people should know the different between physical and emotional eating. While they should satisfy the former, the latter is what needs to be overcome. Intuitive eating says that you should eat when hungry and stop when you know you are full.

The idea is also to promote body acceptance which reduces stress. One would think that people already eat intuitively. However, in truth not many people do. They either follow diets or the whims of their mood. They don’t listen to the needs of their body.

How to Start Intuitive Eating?

To get started with this eating style, just follow these steps:

1 – Quit diets and eat healthy

Diets only make you gain more weight after enabling you to drop some pounds. Eat healthy instead. Make sure you take minimum cheat days.

2 – Don’t ignore hunger

If you try ignoring hunger for weight loss, you’ll only eat more when you do eventually get to it.

3 – Stop when you are full

Even if you are really enjoying your meal, stop once your stomach’s need has been met. Don’t overeat.

4 – Eat satisfying food

If you feel like eating something, go for it. Not doing so will only make you add more to your plate as the first meal won’t satisfy you.

5 – Say no to emotional eating

Emotional eating leads to weight gain as well as feelings of guilt and more stress. This further makes you want to eat more.

6 – Exercise often

Your body needs exercise to stay fit and healthy. So, get more active.

7 – Love your body

Intuitive eating teaches you to love your body the way it is. Resenting it leads to stressful eating. Accepting yourself also boosts self-esteem and promotes mental wellbeing.