High-Intensity Exercise Can Reduce Stress Markers Of Entrepreneurs, Says New Study

Exercise can save your job as well as business. How, you ask? You see, working out gives a positive boost to your mental health. It reduces anxiety, depression, and stress along with bettering mood and increasing alertness. These factors combine to enhance productivity at work.

Now a new study shows another work-related benefit of exercise. As per a latest research, entrepreneurs who exercise more have reportedly lower stress levels. This further stamps on the role that exercise plays in improving job satisfaction.

What Did This Study Reveal?

A new study which has been carried out by Ball Sate University researchers and has been published in the Journal of Leadership and Management has found that exercise can improve job satisfaction along with reducing entrepreneurial stress.

For the purpose of this study, scientists involved analyzed the lifestyle of 472 small business owners. These entrepreneurs were based in Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. This study found that entrepreneurs are moving from spending their time on the golf course to high-intensity workout regimens.

A professor of the university, Michael G. Goldsby attributed this change to the publicity that fitness and athletic activities are getting. He believes the benefits of exercise discussed in various media sources are encouraging people to go for workout plans. According to him, entrepreneurs want an activity that reduces their stress by leaving them sweaty, a goal which cannot be met by golf.

As part of the study, the participating entrepreneurs were asked about the exercises they were performing and the amount of time they were dedicating to working out. On the grounds of the standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers divided these into 7 categories based on difficulty level.

These levels were weight training, competitive sports, aerobics, running, cycling, walking, and yoga. Next, an exercise intensity score was given to each participant by multiplying the time they gave to exercise to the intensity level of their exercise. It was found that participants who had the highest scores had the lowest levels of stress.

“For participants, high intensity exercise and the hours it took is time well spent because stress levels are down. They are ready to get to work, which brings them a great deal of satisfaction,” said Goldsby. However, he also noted that due to packed routines and the challenging nature of exercise, many of these people quit exercise programs soon after getting started with them.

Key Takeaway

Exercise comes with benefits for everyone. A new study says that going for a high-intensity workout can also improve the wellness of people at their jobs. As per this study, entrepreneurs who go for vigorous exercise sessions have been found to have less stress. This emphasizes that exercise can improve job satisfaction as well along with reducing work-related stress.