Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Drink Chilled Water

Even the idea of guzzling down a chilled glass of water on a particularly hot day sounds calming. However, did you know that cold water is not as innocent or as refreshing as it seems? Science says that drinking excessively cold water has several adverse impacts on the health of a person.

Wondering what we’re talking about? Here are 5 reasons why you should stick to room temperature water and avoid ice cold water.

It drains your energy:

Drinking chilled water can have a negative impact on your energy levels. One would think that a cold glass of water could refresh him like nothing else, but that refreshing buzz doesn’t last very long. In fact, when you drink a glass of cold water your body has to work harder for maintaining the its temperature which means the energy required for other bodily functions goes here.

It can cause heart-related problems:

Cold water is not good for the cardiovascular system. When you guzzle down a glass of cold water your body goes through homeostasis which causes the circulatory system to struggle. As your body works to restore its temperature, veins, arteries, and tissues are stressed. The heart rate also drops as the vagus nerve receives a shock. It only normalizes once the body’s temperature does.

It can cause digestive issues

Ice cold water can cause digestive discomfort. It can lead to constipation which is a condition that makes it difficult to pass stool. It also hardens stool. Chilled water causes constipation as it hardens food and results in the contraction of the intestines. Water that is too cold also makes it difficult for the digestive system to process food and hence, can also cause nausea, cramps, etc.

It can cause weight gain

Chilled water may also cause weight gain. However, researchers are divided on this. One take on the matter is that cold water results in the hardening of fats which makes it more challenging for the body to be able to digest them. The other view is that cold water helps with weight loss rather than adding to one’s pounds. Accordingly, cold water forces the body to do more hard work for maintaining its temperature which can help with weight loss.

It can give you a headache:

Those who are prone to getting headaches must avoid treating themselves to excessively cold water. That’s because a chilled drink of water can cause a migraine attack to pounce. You see, chilled water has a negative effect on the spinal nerves which signal the brain to allow headaches in. This is where the term brain freeze arises from as well.


To sum up, chilled water doesn’t do much good for your body. It is better to treat yourself to room temperature water. However, given the choice between chilled water and no water, it is a no-brainer that the former wins.