Here’s Why You Should Get More Sun

Going out in the sun? No way! Those harmful UV radiations are going to make you regret your decision. This is the mindset that we need to shed off. Sure, excess sun exposure can harm you in more ways than one. From skin darkening to cancer, it has vast negative impacts. However, moderation, not avoidance, is key here.

With sunshine, comes the production of vitamin D which can improve health in several ways. It can encourage graceful aging, protect against cancers, and ward off inflammation. What’s more, your mental health and bones are also protected. This is enough to explain the many reasons why you need some of those sun’s rays in your life.

Still don’t agree? Here are 5 ways sunshine benefits your health:

1 – Strengthens Bones

Sunlight promotes the production of vitamin D which keeps your bones healthy. As we age, our bones weaken which means that our bodies require more vitamin D. Over and above that, lack of vitamin D can cause rickets, a disease that weakens the bones. Vitamin D is also necessary for the production of vitamin C which is also essential for bone health.

2 – Improves Mood

Catching more sunshine also improves your mental health. It encourages the release of serotonin, and endorphins. This doesn’t only make you feel happier, but it also keeps depression at bay and promotes relaxation. One the other hand, darkness is linked to feelings of sadness and lethargy. This is because darkness stimulates the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

3 – Necessary for Eye Health

Sunshine is also crucial for maintaining the health of the visual organs. Your eyes need sunlight as much as they need rest. But while the sun’s rays can improve the efficiency of your eyes, it is essential to note that you shouldn’t see directly in the sun. Too much sunlight does not work in the favor of your eyes as it can cause vision loss.

4 – Improves Sleep

Sunlight also improves sleep quality. It plays a part in the maintenance of the normal circadian rhythm. Sunshine doesn’t only provide serotonin, but it also encourages more effective production of melatonin. Hence, get sunlight to keep your body in sync with its sleep-wake cycle. Also, don’t sit in dim light during the daytime hours so as to not confuse your circadian rhythm.

5 – Supports Weight Loss

Research shows that weight loss and sunshine might be linked. A study says that women who lack vitamin D weigh more than those who don’t. High vitamin D markers also up the chances of succeeding at a weight loss plan. Over and above that, darkness also makes some people engage in binge-eating. This is why restaurants are typically dimly lit. Hence, sunlight may prevent overeating.

To sum up, there are numerous health benefits of getting some sun. However, bear in mind that too much sun exposure is harmful. Don’t get more than max 20 minutes of targeted sun exposure a day.