Here’s How You Can Make Your Room Healthy

We’ve all heard about healthy diet plans, and healthy smoothies. Sleep, stress, and so many ways of improving health have been explored. But very less people focus on making their room healthier. Since your environment can also cause health problems, in fact the very air you breathe can, it’s necessary to improve your lifestyle. In this regard, here are 6 ways you can make your room healthier for a healthier you.

1 – Declutter Your Room

Keep your room clean and uncluttered. Cleanliness is crucial for better hygiene whereas an uncluttered room is a must for destressing. Research shows how a messy room can make you unproductive and trigger stress.

2 – Don’t Go For Dark Walls

According to color psychology, different colors induce different feelings. For instance, painting your walls dark can make you feel sadder while red can make you feel more energetic. Yellow can instill creativity while green promotes calmness. That said, paint your room’s walls a neutral color such as purple which is both upbeat and relaxing.

3 – Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaning agents can cause harm to your health which is ironic considering these products work to clean your surroundings. They also have a harmful effect on the environment. In this regard, rather than going for chemical cleaners make DIY cleaning products.

4 – Get An Indoor Plant

Indoor plants can benefit your health by cleaning the air and improving your sleep quality. There are several indoor plants that you can choose from, each with an array of benefits. However, go for those which last longer and are easier to maintain. Take for instance, the snake plant which can help you sleep better and clear off toxins along with being easy to manage.

5 – Install A Window With Heavy Drapes

You need a glass window in your room to allow light inside when you are awake. Sunlight can kill harmful bacteria and staying in the dark all day long is not recommended for this very reason. However, make sure your curtains are heavy rather than sheer as the light from outside can meddle in and ruin your sleep. Sleep deprivation, in turn, can cause other health problems.

6 – Keep Your Bed Clean

Keep your bed clothes clean and your mattress clean as well. Make sure your bed clothes are washed once every fortnight. Also, regularly get the mattress washed. It is recommended to wash your mattress every two months. An unclean mattress can cause skin problems, respiratory trouble or other allergies.


To sum up, keep your health in check not only by maintaining a healthy diet but also by keeping your room healthy. In this regard, make sure your room is uncluttered, don’t use chemical cleaners, install light-blocking drapes, allow sunlight in, paint the walls a neutral shade, and keep an indoor plant.