Healthcare industry to improve as Democrats takeover the United States House post elections

Health care insurer stocks all rallied on Wednesday after the Democrats took control of the United States House in the election last Tuesday. All the approval of the general Medicaid expansion referendums in places like Utah, Nebraska, and Idaho were a positive point for all the insurers. This expansion will help thousands of Americans to have access to health care, who are not able to afford it. There was a 4 percent growth in the shares of companies like Humana and United Health Group on Wednesday. The stocks of Anthem were up more than 5 percent.

More and more citizens of the United States of America will be enjoying the health care benefit. Shares of all the hospitals and stocks of Healthcare companies were much higher on Wednesday. According to Benjamin Isgur, who is the director of the Health and Research Institute said that there will not be any kind of major changes in the healthcare policies and therefore, the growth of the healthcare industry is going to be steady.

Health care has been a key issue for a long period of time in the United States of America and this is going to be a start to the growth of health care and a lot of people to have health care benefits even if they are not being able to afford it. Democrats were the people who pushed health care in the USA.