Gummy Vitamins – Healthy Or Sugar-Loaded Scams?

Vitamin supplements have made quite a name for themselves as people who have a poor diet believe that they can meet their nutritional needs. Standing out from a group of bottled pills are gummy vitamins, with their colorful appearance and pleasant taste.

However, are these actually good for health? Or are they just as bad as gummy candies? Let’s take a look at whether or not you should add gummy vitamins to your daily routine.

What Are Gummy Vitamins?

Gummy vitamins are chewable gummies that resemble gummy candies in both texture and taste. Made using gelatin, water, corn starch, sugar, and colorings, these seem like a way better way to supplement on vitamins than swallowing capsules. Children, in particular, are likely to reject all forms of capsule supplements but tend to munch on gummy vitamins without a frown.

Gummy vitamins come in a number of flavors with lemon, and orange being very common. These gummies contain minerals or vitamins and sometimes even have sugar and additives which may not be mentioned on their ingredient-list.

Adults and kids both enjoy taking gummy vitamins because they are flavorful and easier to chew. Most people don’t need to supplement on vitamins because their diets already meet their body’s needs. However, some people need more nutrients either because they are old, vegan, pregnant, have poor diets, etc. and for them, gummy vitamins may prove to be beneficial.

Are Gummy Vitamins Safe?

Gummy vitamins may not truly be as nutritional as they may seem. Manufacturers of these gummies may choose to add too much sugar content so as to lure children to prefer their gummies over other alternatives. While the taste is good, too much sugar, whether natural or not, is not good for health. It is estimated that gummy vitamins comprise of 7x more sugar and 4x more calories.

How does this make them any different from other candies? Moreover, the nutritional profile of gummy bears cannot be confirmed as supplements are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. What’s more, it is very likely that the gummy bears you choose may contain added artificial flavors, colorings, preservatives, and other chemicals that can be harmful for health.

Since the taste of these vitamins is enticing, children and even adults may overconsume by indulging in more than the amount required at a time. This can be problematic for one’s health rather than helpful. From nausea, and fatigue to organ shut down, overdosing on vitamins can be harmful. Several people also consume gummy vitamins despite already having a balanced diet which can also come with negative health effects.

Take Home Message

The gummy vitamins you love more than likely have a health-harming composition with added sugars and chemicals. In this regard, it is better to go for quality pill supplements than gummy vitamins. Also, if you have a healthy, balanced diet, there is no need for you to overdose on vitamins and minerals by going for supplements.