Former head physio of Manchester City to officially join Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool was finally successful in raiding the backroom staff of the current title holder which is Manchester City. Liverpool hired the head physio Lee Nobes so that he can take the place of Matt Konopinski. Matt Konopinski left Liverpool Football Club after he accepted a job working for the Football Association.

Lee Nobes started at the Oldham Athletic and in the year 2007, he came to work for Manchester City. He has been very much loyal to Manchester City and this is quite a good catch for Liverpool Football Club. He has been working for Manchester City for more than 11 years and has always been great at his work. Last Sunday, the Manchester derby was the last game he played for Manchester City.

Lee Nobes will be soon starting his career as a Liverpool Football Club physio. He will be transitioning his role once all the players return from their international duties. Lee Nobes will right now be working with Kloop and the other members of the fitness staff of Liverpool Football Club, which contains people like Philipp Jacobsen, Andrew Massey, Andreas Kornmayer and Kloppleganger. It is very well known that a good fitness team is the best way to run towards the title. It is now time for everyone to see how much the new fitness team of Liverpool Football Club works and how they can bring any kind of change to the team playing in the pitch.