Facebook officially launches its new video app Lasso in the United States

Lasso is now available for all users in the United States of America. This is an initiative of Facebook to develop a platform which is similar to Snapchat and YouTube. With the help of this application called Lasso from Facebook, users will be able to make short videos and share it in different formats with filters and special effects which is available in the application.

This application called Lasso from Facebook is one of the best video editing tools that has been designed by Facebook. This application has been rolled out by Facebook without any kind of official announcement. Lasso has become popular because it is a stand-alone app which brings a lot of excitement to the people.

Everybody is excited about the potential this application has in the market. Facebook is known for developing applications which are very competent in nature. All the videos which are posted in this application will be public and anyone will be able to check it. There are other platforms which are available in the market like YouTube and Snapchat, which fall under the same genre of video sharing and social media which are its biggest competitors.