Even An Hour Of Exercise Can Prevent Disability Among Elderly Osteoarthritic People

Osteoarthritis is a common ailment that affects several million people on a global level. The condition is common among older people in America. The disorder can impact any joint of the body, but it commonly attacks the joints of the knees, spine, hands, and hips. Now a new study shows that even just an hour of brisk walking can benefit older adults who struggle with the problem.

What Did This Study Reveal?

As per a new study which was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine on Monday even a little exercise can prevent disability among older adults with osteoarthritis. For the purpose of this study, researchers analyzed the data of participants of an earlier project. These participants were aged American adults who had knee osteoarthritis.

They were a part of the Osteoarthritis Initiative which started in 2004. When the project first started, these participants were made to go through a complete medical checkup and take a survey that asked questions regarding their lifestyle. Then the participants had their health periodically checked for about 8 years.

As part of this study, researchers looked at the data of 1500 adults from the previous above-mentioned study who experienced pain in the knee but didn’t have any disability at the start of the research. These participants were then tracked for a 4-year term concerning their health. At the end of the 4-year period, it was found that only 3% of the participants who had reportedly exercised, moderately or vigorously, experienced disability.

In contrast to this, 24% of those who didn’t exercise to that extent were disabled. Moreover, it was also found that those who exercised were half as likely to struggle with basic daily activities such as wearing clothes and showing. This stresses further what has already been established – not only can exercise prevent arthritis but it can also reduce its symptoms and keep it from progressing.

This study particularly shows that even one hour of brisk walking on a weekly basis can benefit older adults who have osteoarthritis. However, researchers recommend exercising for at least two and a half hours per week to experience better benefits. The conclusion is what it always is – movement is essential as it can improve your health in many ways.

Key Takeaway

Exercise comes with scores of health benefits. It can prevent several ailments and even reduce the symptoms of existing illnesses. At the very least, one should consider adding moderate exercise to his routine. Now a new study shows that elderly folks who have osteoarthritis in the knees can save themselves from disability by exercising.

It shows that even just an hour of exercising is enough to decrease the symptoms associated with the health complication. So, get moving even if that means just taking a walk around the block. To improve your health substantially, experts say exercise for a minimum of two and a half hours each week is essential.