Does The MIND Diet Really Help Improve Your Brain Health?

The MIND is a duo of the DASH diet and the Mediterranean Diet. The DASH diet has been designed to improve the heart health by working to reduce the amount of sodium in one’s health. On the other hand, the Mediterranean diet comes from the eating patterns observed in the Mediterranean region.

It is mainly based on healthy fats (olive oil), fruits, vegetables, and lean protein with a decline in red meat, sweets, and processed foods. The Mediterranean diet has been credited for delivering tons of health benefits including improved brain health.

So, the MIND diet takes the best of both the diet plans to provide a meal plan that helps cut the risk of dementia and boost your cognitive well-being. However, the question about the effectiveness of the meal plan demands an answer.

Here’s what research has to say about it:

People Who Follow The Diet for 4.5 years Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s by 53%

Preliminary rounds of research on the efficacy of MIND diet learned that participants who followed the diet plan for 4.5 years were able to lessen their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 53%.

The important fact here is that the decline in the odds of the degenerative disorder does not relate to other factors such as education, sex, physical activity, history of stroke, high blood pressure, age, diabetes. In

People Following The Diet for 10 years Showed A 7.5-year Reduction in Cognitive Aging

In the same research, it was also learned that people who followed the MIND diet showed a significant decline in their brain aging. The finding shows that the meal plan not only reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s but also slows the ticking aging clock.

Another Study Showed A Reduced Risk of 35%.

Research based on 900 Chicago residents between the age range of 58 to 98 also reached a similar conclusion. It identified the association between the participants’ neurological function and their diet.

The study learned that people who followed the diet moderately were able to slash the risk of Alzheimer’s by 35%. On the other hand, those who followed the diet strictly reduced the risk of the cognitive ailment by 53%.

These participants were also able to improve their cognitive well-being. Their brain function became equivalent to that of someone about eight years younger.

Nutrition Is An Effective Way To Reap Benefits

Proper nutrition can help to show substantial results quickly. So, when people who follow the MIND diet plan eat brain-healthy food, they are able to see positive results. On top of healthy food being a good approach, the foods taken as part of the MIND diet are very helpful for improving one’s cognitive health.

For instance, antioxidants as part of the berries eaten on a MIND diet protect the brain against free radicals and oxidative stress. Similarly, the healthy fats available in the olive oil and fatty fish such as mackerel, tuna, and sardines are excellent for the brain too.

All these factors and the evidence cited above show that the MIND diet really does help improve brain health.