Does Climbing Stairs Count As Exercise?

Are you busy all day long without enough time on your hands to consider exercising? Don’t worry. If you are ascending and descending staircases throughout the day, that does count as exercise. So, instead of hopping into an elevator, take the stairs.

Health Benefits Of Climbing Stairs

Taking the staircase is a better idea because it can be added to your physical activity routine. Some health benefits offering by this mode of going up and down a building are the following:

1 – Burns more calories

If your aim is to shed off some adamant pounds, climbing the stairs can help with that. You can burn more calories per minute by taking the stairs than by jogging. Add some weight or more speed to the picture, and you’ll be able to burn more calories.

2 – Improves Cardiovascular Health

Stair climbing is also beneficial for your heart even though it may seem the opposite after doing so. The movement of your hips and legs makes your heart beat rise which encourages better blood flow around the body. Furthermore, stair-climbing can serve as a great cardio workout since your body pushes against gravity.

3 – Betters Muscles And Joints

Your legs go through strenuous exercise when you take the stairs. This gives your legs a good workout and also strengthens muscles and joints.

4 – Ups Energy Markers

Climbing the stairs is a convenient exercise which also takes your energy levels up. This is also backed by research. With higher energy levels, you’re more productive mentally and physically.

5 – Strengthens Immune System

Climbing the stairs also strengthens your immunity. It lowers your risk of developing several diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

6 – Boosts Mood

Taking the stairs can also improve your mood. This is because it results in the release of endorphins which make one feel happier.

How Much Should You Climb Stairs?

Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day. You can give 10 minutes of this to stair climbing and distribute the other 20 minutes between jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.

Stair Climbing Is Not For Everyone

Taking the stairs is not for everyone. While it can improve heart health and can also promote joint and muscle health, it is not for those who are already patients of heart problems or have knee, ankle or hip problems. This is because the activity can stress the joints.

Key Takeaway

Stair climbing is a beneficial form of exercise that comes with benefits for your heart, joints, and muscles. It can lower the risk of developing a number of ailments and improve your mood and energy. However, if you are a victim of joint or heart problems, consult your doctor regarding whether or not you should choose to take the stairs.