Do Sit-Stand Desks Help With Weight Loss – Study Answers

Our sedentary lifestyles have added a significant burden on our health. Several health risks are associated with consistent sitting. For instance, long hours of desk work and an inactive lifestyle can add to the odds of developing health issues such as diabetes type II, heart disease, obesity, and cancer to name a few.

A recent study also went on to conclude that excessive sitting is possible for 430,000 deaths. The fact of that matter is that constant hours of sitting can disturb the blood circulation to your legs, causing swelling and pain. On top of that, it can hamper your body’s ability to regular blood pressure, fat metabolism, and blood sugar levels as well.

In the light of these factors, can a sit-stand desk help with weight loss?

Research On Sit-Stand Desks

Past research indicates that standing up rather than sitting down can help counter some of the negative effects of excessive sitting. Other studies indicate that a desk such as sit-stand desk can encourage people to move around more, which can aid in burning more calories.

However, a new study that reviews over 53 other studies on the matter explored the benefits of sit-stand desks. This review appeared in the journal of Applied Ergonomics and it concluded that sit-stand desks don’t assist in weight loss.

This study was headed by April Chambers, an assistant professor of bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Concerning the motive for taking up this study, Chambers opined that although there is a lot of research on the effectiveness of sit-stand desks, we’ve still only scratched the surface.

Can Sit-Stand Desks Help With Weight Loss?

This study reviewed 53 studies of which 47 were experimental trials. Altogether, there were 231 study participants. The effects of sit-stand desks were examined along the lines of six parameters. These included physiological, behavior, discomfort, posture, psychological, and performance.

The research learned the sit-stand desks had minimal effect on these six parameters with the greatest impact being on discomfort and behavior. Put simply, sit-stand desks encouraged users to spend less time sitting. On the flip side, users invested more time standing.

On top of that, users of this desk reported feeling comfortable at work. However, such desks turned out to be least effective for productivity. The study also noted that sit-stand desks had no substantial influence on physiological effects. This means that there is no significant impact of sit-stand desks on your weight.

Some minor benefits of sit-stand desks were noted though. These include a small decline in lower back pain relief and a small decrease in blood pressure.

Wrap Up Thoughts

As per this research, sit-stand desks don’t show any significant impact on weight loss. These do deliver other mild health benefits. To better reap benefits from these, it is essential that we learn to use the desk properly. On top of that, it is best to dedicate some time to physical activity so that you can counteract the negative influences of consistent sitting.