Diet Soda Is Not Safe Either. Study Links It To Higher Death Risk

The Journal of The American Medical Association has published a new report about the risks associated with soda consumption. According to this new study, drinking too many diet non-sugary beverages is linked to early mortality. The new research work covered the soda drinking habits of about 452,000 people.

Scientists analyzed the drink consumption habits of participants from 10 countries. They looked at the intake of both sugar-sweetened and artificially-sweetened drinks plus the effect they had on the mortality of drinkers. The study found that drinking more than two glasses of both types of soda increased risk of death. This was in comparison to those who drank one glass or less than that daily.

What Did The Research Find?

People consume diet soda not caring about the consequences of doing so. They, in fact, believe that since there is no sugar in the drinks, there are no health risks. Interestingly, this study showed that sugar-sweetened sodas and artificially-sweetened ones both were responsible for varying causes of death. Drinking sugar-sweetened soft drinks was related to digestive issues and consequent death.

For instance, consuming sugar-laden drinks causes diseases of the liver, pancreas, intestines, and appendix. On the other hand, those who consumed artificially-sweetened drinks had higher odds of death due to circulatory diseases.

The Effects That Non-Sugary Diet Sodas Have On Health

Several people switch from regular soft drinks to sugar-free diet sodas believing that they are doing some favor to their health. Is that true though? Do diet beverages really not harm your health as much as sugar-sweetened ones do? False. Some experts say that “diet” is just a marketing term without any meaning when attached to popular beverages.

And it is not a secret how harmful sugary beverages such as Cola can be for health. As per observational studies, diet sodas also share a link with obesity like sugar-packed soft drinks. In fact, some researches have also concluded that diet drinks can cause diabetes and cardiovascular disease. They are also linked to preterm delivery and the development of kidney disease.

Furthermore, diet sodas can cause headaches, breakouts, depression, and gut problems. Similar to regular soft drinks, diet beverages can cause teeth erosion, lower bone density, and addiction.

How Can You Reduce The Number Of Sodas You Drink Per Day?

Your daily consumption of soft drinks shouldn’t exceed one glass. Unfortunately, slashing down the number of drinks you consume is not easy. While you cannot immediately stop drinking any and all soft drinks, what you can do is reduce your intake gradually. Start by lowering the number of glasses of soda you drink from two to one. And then decrease the number of drinks you consume weekly.

Key Takeaway

People think diet non-sugar sodas are safe for health. This assumption is entirely incorrect. Both sugar-sweetened and artificially-sweetened drinks are unhealthy. In fact, a new study says that consuming two or more glasses of soda, no matter diet or regular, is linked to increased risk of death. However, the causes behind both may differ.