Buy Facebook Ad Account And Business Manager. 

Hello, I am a Facebook Ads Account expert. I am providing all in one solution to advertisers who are unable to advertise on facebook because of being restricted or disabled. For a one time cost I will setup a new account/business manager on your pc. Below are my packages:

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Why Choose Us?

When Facebook disables or restricts your account from advertising it has most likely ban your IP and your card etc. It is nearly impossible to run ads again from the same place. This is where DFUmedia comes to the rescue. We will provide and setup an old account/business manager on your system using anydesk/ teamviewer. For a one time cost we will do complete setup so you can start to advertise again. You can select from the above packages and place order through whatsapp. Payment will be done after work is complete because customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Real Accounts

All profiles are real accounts with trust build

One Time Cost

Our service is a one time cost, no rental fee or anything

100% Safe

The method we use is 100% safe.

Setup Service

We provide free setup service on your pc, so you don’t have to very about any technical stuff.

24/7 Support

Our team is always available to entertain customer queries and we reply within hours.

Complete Docs

We will provide documents for identity verification of profile.


Most frequent questions and answers

I will fully setup the account on your device and run a like/engagement campaign of a couple of dollars. If anything goes wrong until that I will replace your account and setup new one. Once order has been marked complete the account is your responsibility now. You cannot hold as liable after publishing ads by yourself.

We accept payment through ACH, crypto, Payoneer, Paypal and Wise.

You can contact me on whatsapp and place your order there.

All you need is a new payment method for facebook. Make sure that this card has never been use on any facebook account,

After you place your order, I will start to setup the account the next day on your computer. The whole process usually takes 4-5 days.