Clinical Trials May Be Close To Finding A Way To Destroy Prostate Cancer With Minimal Side Effects

Prostate cancer is common among men with 1 in 9 men in the US suffering from it. Researchers are always on the lookout for a solution that can help improve the treatment options.

So far, treatment options for prostate cancer are unpleasant and comes in the company of substantial side effects. Some of these treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and cryotherapy among other things.

There is also the option of radical prostatectomy, which entails the removal of the entire prostate gland along with some surrounding tissue. The fact of the matter is that prostate cancer is treatable and the results are great when the cancer is detected early on.

The latest study has more to add in this regard. In fact, the trials are showing that there may be a possible treatment with minimal side effects.

What Does The Study Say?

A team from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) is behind these latest findings. They have adopted a unique approach to treating prostate cancer using gold.

In their investigations, the researchers used nanoparticles of gold. These consist of small layers of silica glass that are shaped like a sphere. A thin layer of gold coats each of these spheres.

What happens is that the nanoparticles seek the cancer cells and enter them. A laser is then used to stimulate the gold nanoparticles to vibrate them. At the same time, the particles are pulsed with extreme temperatures, which kills the malignant.

The treatment plan preserves the tissue the surrounds the affected area including the urinary sphincter and vital nerves. The researchers opine that it should help safeguard people from experiencing common side effects of the cancer’s treatment plan including impotency and urinary incontinence.

Preventing Prostate Cancer

Keeping yourself safe from the cancer is the wise thing to do. The American Cancer Society (ACS) highlights that besides skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among American men.

Death from the cancer is not a concern as there are 2.9 million plus men in the US who are living today despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer in their past. Some ways to save yourself from falling among these men include:

-Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients and vitamins. These are thought to lessen the risk of prostate cancer.

-Have low-fat foods

At the same time, take more low-fat foods. This is because in some studies, it has been noticed that the men who had the highest fat content intake showed an increased risk of prostate cancer.

-Maintain a healthy weight

This is essential because men who are obese are an amped up risk of developing prostate cancer.

-Exercise regularly

Certain studies point out that men who work out are at a declined likelihood of having prostate cancer.

In sum, practice a healthy lifestyle. Doctors advise that such a lifestyle can help slash the vulnerability to prostate cancer. Thus, eat healthily, exercise regularly, and stay fit among other things