Carbonated Water And Its Types – Is The Drink Healthy Or Not?

Among the different types of water that are sold in the United States, carbonated water is a popular choice. This type of water contains carbon dioxide gas which is added to it under pressure. The result is a bubbly drink that can serve as an alternative to soft drinks, such as Coca Cola, which are high in sugar and calorie content. However, while carbonated water may have earned a status for being better than carbonated drinks, the real question is – is it healthy or not?

Types Of Carbonated Water

Carbonated water, also known as bubble water and sparkling water, can come with even more names depending on its content. The difference between the various types of carbonated water is because of their pressing procedures and composition. This gives them different tastes as well. Here are other carbonated waters:

  • Club Soda:

Club soda is carbonated water that has infused minerals along with CO2. Minerals that are commonly included to this drink include sodium and potassium. This gives club soda a subtly salty taste.

  • Seltzer:

This carbonated water is similar to club water but in it, minerals are absent. Sometimes flavors are added to seltzer allowing it to be an alternative to club soda. The taste of seltzer is close to what actual water tastes like.

  • Natural Mineral Water:

This type of carbonated water has minerals that are added to it, as the name suggests, naturally. It contains minerals and CO2 directly from a spring. Hence, it is also known as spring water. Some minerals that natural mineral water contains are calcium, sodium, and magnesium. Sometimes more carbon dioxide is added to this water.

  • Tonic water:

Tonic water contains carbon dioxide and minerals like club soda, but it also contains quinine. This is a compound sourced from cinchona trees. Tonic water has a bitter taste and sometimes sugar is included to it to sweeten it.

Which Of These Are Healthy?

Tonic water can not be considered a healthy choice because it typically has additives. Natural mineral water is healthy as long as it doesn’t contain added sweeteners, harmful flavors, or caffeine. Club soda and seltzer are the healthiest, again provided they are free of potentially health-damaging additions.

Can Carbonated Water Damage Health?

Simple fizzy water minus any harmful additives doesn’t have any negative side effects on health. It may cause bloating, though, despite its ability to improve overall digestive health. Several people have expressed their concern over carbonated water’s acidic nature. While this water contains carbonic acid, know that this acid is weak.

What’s more, the drink is only slightly acidic and since the kidneys can flush out excess acid content, the blood’s alkaline nature is not disturbed. This acid content is so minor that it also does not have any major impact on your dental health. Also, as long as carbonated water doesn’t contain sweeteners, there’s nothing to worry about. Plain carbonated water also doesn’t have any impact on bone health despite concerns being raised.