Blaux Portable AC Reviews – Special 50% OFF

Blaux Portable AC is an on-the-go air cooling and air filtering device that works wirelessly as a personalized AC. This AC is suitable for those who like to stay calm and refreshed even during a hot summer day. With this personalized cooler, there isn’t a moment of sweat.

The summers can get too hot to handle due to excessive sweating, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and many other health risks it brings in-store. It’s always nice to relax in the AC, though wall-mounted ACs are equivalent to massive electricity bills. For a working-class person, paying hefty electricity bills isn’t convenient at all.

Besides, how long can a wall-mounted AC keep you fresh for? You can’t really move around with them to remain cool 24/7. This is where Blaux Portable AC comes in the limelight. Manufacturers have come up with the perfect solution to beat the unbearable heat without putting holes in your pockets.

Blaux air conditioner is a compact, battery-powered, and wireless cooling device. The AC is not only equipped to keep users fresh wherever they go, but it uses low power to function, which results in a massive decline in the electricity bills of users. It is the perfect cost-friendly alternative to wall-mounted AC.

Blaux Portable AC Review

This portable air cooling device comes in a decent and classy design, which makes it blend in anywhere it is kept. The AC’s lightweight and small structure make it easy to carry around. It doesn’t matter where the user is headed; this personal cooling device can be carried along. It works great in rooms, in the car, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and even at the office.

Blaux Portable AC is powerful enough to cool its surrounding air within a few minutes, leaving the user feeling relaxed and refreshed. Another added function of this portable AC is that it comes with special filters that filter out pollutants and dust particles from the surrounding air.

This enables users to breathe in the cold and fresh air. The filters are capable of filtering over 90% dust particles and pollutants and are easily cleanable. The filters can be removed and cleaned with a cloth and some water within two minutes, thanks to the AC’s easily cleanable design.

Blaux Portable AC is chargeable through a USB type C port. The cable comes along with the AC and can easily be plugged into any USB socket to charge. How convenient is it to charge the AC anywhere through a power bank or USB socket. The AC can even be taken on vacations or road trips, thanks to its accessible charging facility.

The battery life is durable, which allows it to blow fresh air for an entire day after a single charge. Users don’t need to worry about electricity usage, or even load shedding, and can enjoy fresh cooling air throughout the day.

Blaux air conditioner comes with three fan speeds, which allow users to set the cooling according to the temperature needs. If the temperature isn’t too hot, users can lower the cooling fan speed to decrease unnecessary battery usage.

Why Purchase Blaux Portable AC?

  • Easy to use

The portable device is effortless to use and does not involve any sort of technical jargon. All you have to do is charge the AC and turn it on with a simple ON button. After that, you can change the AC’s speed according to the requirement and keep it near yourself for the ultimate cooling experience.

  • Silent Functioning

Another added benefit of Blaux air conditioner is that it has been reported to make no noticeable sound. It functions silently, making it ideal for home usage as well as workplace usage. The device can also be kept nearby while taking a nap or going to sleep; the active cooling is done peacefully in silence.

  • Durable Battery

Apart from easy charging, this unit comes with long-lasting battery life. This also allows the unit to consume lesser electricity as it works for long hours on a single charge. You can charge the AC anywhere you go and enjoy long hours of coolness with ease.

  • Lower electricity bills

Low power usage makes Blaux Portable AC cost-effective, as it uses minimal electricity to charge and wirelessly functions for hours at a stretch.

  • Convenient for travel

Lightweight and portable design make it comfortable to carry along. One can even pack it in a traveling bag when leaving for a vacation. The AC is an on-the-go cooler suitable for the modern man who’s always traveling.

  • Positive Customer Reviews

If you look up Blaux Portable AC reviews online, you will find tons of positive feedbacks. This further proves the credibility of this product. 

How is Blaux Portable AC Better Than Wall-mounted ACs?

  • It requires less power to operate, leading to less electricity usage and lower electric bills.
  • It is portable and can be shifted with ease.
  • Easily chargeable through USB cable, anywhere, and even with a power bank.
  • Personal cooling – The unit goes anywhere with the travel and can be carried along with 24/7.
  • Air refreshing, allowing users to breathe fresh and cold air. Thanks to its unique filters.
  • Low cost – Blaux portable air conditioner comes at a highly reasonable cost topped with special discount offers and packages
  • Easily cleanable – It is designed in a way that allows it to be cleaned within 2 minutes. The filters are removable and adjustable.
  • No Installation – It does not require any installation, it’s ready to cool you down as soon as it arrives.
  • Low maintenance – It does not require special maintenance and repair, making it more cost-friendly.
  • No technical jargon – Blaux Portable AC unit is simple to use and can easily be used by anyone of any age.
  • Small and decent design – The AC’s small yet decent design allows it to blend in wherever it is kept, without seeming prominent.
  • Low cost, better functioning for the personal user – The AC is best for individual users as it can be kept nearby, even on the nightstand. For a particular user, this AC is the best option.

Specifications of Blaux Portable AC

  • Noise is up to 40 DB.
  • USB powering mode
  • Nominal power requires DC 5V
  • low noise operation
  • 1 Watt of negative working power.
  • 8 hours battery life in first gear.
  • 5-hour battery life in second gear.
  • 5-hour battery life in third gear.

Cons of Blaux Portable AC

The only drawback of Blaux air conditioner is that it isn’t readily available at stores and markets, and is exclusively purchasable through its official website.

Also, as the summers approach, the demand for Blaux portable air conditioners increases, which leads to a shortage of supply, it’s best to order yours before they run out of stock.

Where to Buy Blaux Portable AC and Pricing?

Blaux AC is available exclusively online, from the official website of Blaux. It is not currently available on Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. You can order yours from the official webpage from the comfort of your home. The cost is also pretty reasonable:

  • One portable AC unit for $89.99
  • Two AC units for $179.98
  • Three units for $202.48
  • Four units for $247.47

Blaux Portable AC Reviews Final Thoughts

Summers can be tough to get through, especially when the temperatures rise and lead to health risks associated with heat waves such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even heat strokes. Everyone wants an easy way out, yet many can’t afford the bills that come along with wall mounted ACs.

For all those who want an easy and pocket-friendly way to beat the heat, it doesn’t get better than this. Blaux air conditioner is made for individuals who like to remain calm and fresh even during the hot winters yet want to save hundreds of dollars.

It’s compact and portable design makes it ideal for cost-friendly cooling, as it can be taken around the house, in the car, and even to the office. No need to install ACs around the home to beat the heat.

This unit allows users to save installation, repair, and maintenance costs associated with wall-mounted ones. It’s the perfect cost-friendly purchase and great value for money. There isn’t a single moment of sweat with this fantastic device.

Sometimes a more comfortable and secure life is just a single device away. This life-saving Blaux Portable AC is also ideal for gifting, and you can purchase a bundle and avail discounts, then gift this amazing air cooler to help your friends and family beat the heat. Order yours before they run out of stock.