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BioHarmony Complex Plus is a special hormone-free formula that works to help you shed off excess pounds without having you put any strenuous efforts. The product makes sure that your body’s metabolism is accelerated as well as the hormonal switch which causes you to put on weight is turned off. To do this job it uses only natural ingredients.

This means that this formula is safe to use and there are also so far no reported negative side effects from customers. What’s more, this excellent dietary supplement comes from a renowned company called Science Natural Supplements and the genius behind it is the expert Dr Zane Sterling.

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BioHarmony Complex Plus Review

Your features and your skin are not the only factors that determine your beauty. In fact, your physique also counts. Being fit gives you an undeniable confidence boost and also opens up way more opportunities for you – in terms of both your personal and professional lives. In the former, you have more people lining up to be with you or be like you. In the case of the latter, fitness is necessary because it makes you presentable.

But losing weight has become as hard these days as gaining it has become easy. Is there a shortcut that can be helpful in achieving the slim body of your dreams? While you’ll have to eat healthy and dedicate at least half an hour to exercise on the daily, one product which can make the process of weight loss easier is BioHarmony Complex Plus. This is a dietary supplement which works effectively owing to its natural and science-backed composition.

With this product, your body’s natural processes are enhanced in such a way that weight loss is naturally supported. For reaching this purpose, the formula includes only ingredients which have been sourced from nature and is completely free of any sorts of chemicals or hormones that can potentially harm your health. The product is also amazing because making it a part of your routine does not require any dedication of time or effort. Just take the pills regularly, as guided.

bioharmony complex plus

BioHarmony Complex Plus Ingredients

Before investing in any product, you should be aware of the components that make it up. This helps you see whether or not this product is something that you’d like to include in your routine. This particular formula is a completely natural one without any additives, fillers or the like. Here is a quick look at the ingredients that Science Natural Supplements BioHarmony Complex Plus comprises of:

1 – African mango extract

This special ingredient is known for its ability to reduce body weight as well as body fat. Research shows this benefit of the African mango extract.

2 – L-arginine

Another ingredient that this dietary supplement contains is L-arginine. This particular component triggers the metabolism of fats. This means fats are burned into energy rather than being stored in your body.

3 – L-glutamine

Next up, we have L-glutamine which is also an agent for the promotion of weight loss. With such strong ingredients in the formula achieving your desired results is guaranteed.

4 – Beta-alanine

The dietary supplement comprises of beta alanine as well which mainly does two things along with supporting weight loss. First of all, this ingredient boosts your mood so that you don’t engage in emotional eating and feel better as well. Secondly, it has an anti-aging effect which means you look youthful for longer.

5 – Pegyeum

This agent is especially providing oxidative stress which can cause inflammation and accelerate the process of aging.

6 – Astragalus

Astragalus in the formula is for combating stress. As you would already be knowing the addition of stress in your routine only makes you gain more weight as it promotes unhealthy habits and disrupts your metabolic activity as well.

7 – Niacin

Lastly, we have niacin in the formula which helps your health in two ways. It improves your cardiovascular health and it reduces brain fog which means it sharpens your cognitive abilities.

How Does BioHarmony Complex Plus Work?

What other products do is that they only work by means of boosting the functionality of your thyroid so that your metabolism is improved. While this makes sense, it is an incomplete job. What BioHarmony Complex does is that it also works toward the end of turning off the switch in your body which is triggered by certain hormones and leads to weight gain. When this switch is turned off you are naturally able to shed off excess pounds and slim down.


BioHarmony Complex Plus is available at 3 prices:

  • One bottle of this product is for $69
  • In a package of 3 bottles of this product the price of each goes down to $59
  • Then there is the last package which brings you 6 bottles of this supplement with the price per bottle just $49

Each bottle of the supplement contains enough pills to last you for a month. So, buying bottles in bulk will only help save you from the headache of ordering the product again.

It is important to know that shipping is free of cost and reliable payment modes are available. There is also a money back guarantee which lasts for 180 days that accompanies. During this time if you’re unsatisfied with the results that is product gives you, feel free to contact the company and return the bottles to get your cash back.


BioHarmony Complex Plus is an incredible product for anyone who wants to lose weight and get his confidence back. This diary supplement comes from Science Natural Supplements and has been particularly made by Dr Zane Sterling. The formula is natural and completely free of hormones. To make its purchase risk-free, it is also backed by a money back guarantee.

bioharmony complex plus reviews