Being Optimistic Can Increase Your Odds Of Living Longer, Finds New Research

A report in the Journal of Aging Research suggested that optimistic behavior can reduce the odds of death by coronary heart disease. In 2015, researchers also found that optimism reduces the risk of both anxiety and depression. One research connected optimism to business success.

Being optimistic doesn’t mean that you ignore your problems but rather that you look at them from a positive lens. People who are optimistic benefit their health as they don’t stress too much. Looking how stress is harmful this link between optimistic and health is easy to see.

Optimistic people don’t drown in self-guilt but look at the positive things they can learn from negative experiences. They don’t look at the future with hopelessness and believe that good times will come soon. A new study says that people who have the high optimism levels live 10 to 15% longer on average than those who don’t.

In fact, those who scored the highest on being optimistic had the greatest chances of living longer. They reached the age of 85 and beyond. Researchers found that these results applied regardless of one’s social habits, poor diet, alcohol use, depression, Illnesses, and socioeconomic status.

Optimism And A Longer Life Span

The National Academy of Sciences journal published this study. The research found that greatly optimistic women had 1.5 higher odds of meeting the age of 85 and beyond. As for men, those who were very optimistic had 1.7 greater chances of the same. This was in comparison to those who had low levels of optimistic beliefs.

Lead author of the study, Lewina Lee said, “Optimistic individuals tend to have goals and the confidence to reach them. Those goals could include healthy habits that contribute to a longer life.” At the end of the day, being optimistic is very much up to you. You can decide to see the obvious negative in an awful situation or the hidden positive in it.

How Can You Be More Optimistic?

Optimism benefits your health by strengthening your immune system and preventing stress. Having a positive mindset makes your relationships and professional life better as well. To look at things more positively you first have to leave the company of people who are always complaining or gossiping. That’s because just like positivity, negativity is also contagious.

Don’t always stay tuned to news channels. While it is good to be informed, which you should be, clouding your mind with the current state of politics and the world in general can give you a bleak outlook of it. For being optimistic it is also crucial to stay grateful for all the things you have instead of focusing on all that is missing.

You can keep a journal to note down all the good things that happen to you in a day. However, make sure that you are not unrealistically optimistic – you should look at the positive side of things but not be trapped in a fantasy bubble.