Anytime Fitness plans to buyout fitness studio chain company Basecamp

The co-founders of Self Esteem brands Mr. Dave Mortensen and Mr. Chuck Runyou finally decides to launch the international as well as the domestic franchising program for the Base Camp Fitness in the year 2020.

The parent company of the brand Anytime Fitness is called Self Esteem Brands, Woodbury, Minnesota has finally made a decision of purchasing the fitness studio chain called Basecamp Fitness. The amount which Elf Esteem Brands is investing in this purchase is not yet disclosed by any of the companies. The founders Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen have made a plan to put the fitness studio up for franchising within the year 2020.

The plan of the business is to start corporate owned gyms next year so that they are able to explore the consumer preferences in the process and make changes for the betterment of the whole Base Camp Fitness experience. The Base Camp Fitness was developed by Nick Swinmurn who was basically the founder of the footwear retailer called Zappos, which are spread over five locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Generally, the base camp signature workouts are 60 seconds of strength training along with 60 seconds of stationary cycling and ending with a total of 10 minutes of core exercises. Basecamp is now ranked at 624 in the 5000 lists in the year 2018 and is reported to generate revenue of about $5.8 million with an 802 percent increase every year.